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20 Nov, 2015  /  The word Spirituality means different things to different people. For me, it has always embodied the beauty and magic of life, the fecundity of all our experiences and represents an evolving, individual and collective Consciousness… The word Spirit has it’s root in Latin from the word “spirare” meaning “breath, to breathe Spirit”. Also a branch […] Read Article

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22 Oct, 2015  /  Channelled by Aoibheann on behalf of The Arcturian Angels: “October’s end brings the death of what is complete in your life. We watched as October’s Intensity heightened and will reach it’s culmination by the Atlantian Anniversary, what you call your “Hallowe’en”- which is in fact the same date as Atlantis destruction eons ago, from your […] Read Article

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5 Oct, 2015  /  If the last Blood Moon Eclipse September 27th floored you, hang on in there! There is a New Moon on October 12/13th this month that will brighten and lighten your heavy load. September was all a buzz with fiery, flashing lights and high, creative but chaotic energy…This added some much needed fizz for all of […] Read Article

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27 Sep, 2015  /  Are you a High Sensitive Rescuer? Do you feel a need and a drive to rescue people around you who expect your saving graces? 5th Dimensional Consciousness is evolving these negative patterns out of our energy field and into The light. When you constantly “hold up” and help others from a co-dependant place, it lowers […] Read Article

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5 Sep, 2015  /  September to November 2015 is the time to Allow the 5th Dimensional Frequencies to spiral through the layers of your life, settling into your Being. We have Blood Moons, Solar Eclipse, and a whole array of cosmic action reflecting our inner Changes, as we move between the 3rd Dimension time-line and 5D. You may be […] Read Article