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“Unable to shift past traumas for over a decade, traumas that finally manifested as a deadly cancer, it has really been Aoibheann’s skill and compassion as a healer that has finally helped me shift the impossible. I am forever indebted to her and unendingly grateful to Aoibheann and to source energy for sending me a real life Angel in a very dark time. Look carefully during your next session and you may just see Aoibheann’s wings peeking out over her shoulders. If you want to get on with healing or just need some heavenly guidance on your physical journey down here, then a meeting with Aoibheann is your ticket to love, light and progress!”

Andrew Biggs, Dún Laoghaire

“I knew something odd was happening within me but couldn’t put my finger on it. Within minutes, I was drawn to her energy. I knew after my first reading and cleansing with Aoibheann, continued work with her will properly enhance who I actually am while clearing any built up negativity, compiled over the years. Within 2 further sessions my fear has diminished to the point where I want to experience more from the spiritual realm. The positive outlook this work adds to my life has improved every aspect of it. It truly is the most amazing experience I have had and would recommend anyone who is open to accept this experience, to work with Aoibheann. Within your 1st session, I can promise you, it won’t be your last.”

Ben Tighe, Maynooth

“I have been going to Aoibheann’s meditation classes for three years and they are wonderful. Aoibheann manages to fit in a mix of Guided Meditation, teaching and one to one guidance. It is always a lovely group of people and I leave feeling nourished and refreshed. I have also done Therapy sessions with Aoibheann and they have been an amazing support to me during challenging times. She is a wonderful Healer and guide and a beautiful person. I couldn’t recommend highly enough!”

Sarah Murphy, Dublin

“I’ve been a member of Aoibheann’s meditation and meta-physics class for over a year now. After each class I leave enriched, at peace, and a little more able to face the pressures and stresses of every-day life. I’ve also had two healing sessions, these sessions are a unique and powerful experience, which I now believe to be essential energy maintenance! Aoibheann has a beautiful gift and gives all of herself to each session. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

Rebekah Murphy, Dublin 3

“I have had many sessions with Aoibheann, both energy work and angel readings. She is one of the most ethical, pure and ego-less healers I have ever come across. She gives 100% to her client and then a little more. Her talents are not ones that are learned but are inherent gifts she possesses. I have found her readings very accurate. She is direct and does not tell you what you want to hear but what it truly going to be benefit to you. She is unique and you will remember her when you have forgotten others.”

Marie McPartlin, Calry, Co. Sligo

“I’m so grateful for such a wonderful healing session with you today Aoibheann! A spiritual massage! A meditative make-over! Essential mind and soul maintenance! You have an amazing gift. May you receive back tenfold the amount that you give. Namaste! ;)XS”

Sinead Ryan, Bray, Wicklow

“I found Aoibheann when I was recovering from Alcoholism and at a all time low. A friend suggested I give energy healing a go. I was nervous going in but Aoibheann immediately helped me feel relaxed and at ease. Her work astounds me in that you don’t realise how deep you going, yet she has this Gift that opens everything up, in a gentle, comforting way… It’s all very natural and subtle, yet the positive effects are clear. After only my first session I felt a massive relief and life seemed to suddenly charge forward. By the second healing session my life was coming together and I had this understanding of how everything worked. Her coaching and healing has been a paramount influence in my recovery and feeling happy in my life today. Thank you Aoibheann for being an Angel in my life.”

Peter Cummins, Dublin

“Aoibheann’s Healing gave me what 3 years of Counselling could not! One Session with Aoibheann and I felt the weight of the world was lifted.”

Joe Byrne, Bray, Co. Wicklow

“I don’t quite know what happens when I visit Aoibheann and The Angels… All I do know is, my mood shifts, I feel lighter and my experiences make sense. I don’t care how it works, it just makes me feel whole and clear. I highly recommend this Healer.”

Ceara O’Connor, Ranelagh, Dublin 6

“Meditation Class is a blast! Aoibheann makes it fun! A superb mix of Meditation and laughter. It is a relaxing place to tune in and listen to myself. My favourite part is the Angel Messages and card readings. It’s always interesting to hear the psychic Guidance and suggestions. It’s a positive and inspiring part of my week.”

Anne Dixon, Kilmacanogue, Co. Wicklow

“When I sought for help from Aoibheann I was unhappy, stuck in my negative thoughts. So it was even a bit hard to relax at the beginning and focus on the Healing but Aoibheann helped me to focus on the exercises. She didn’t let me to drift away…. The nicest experience was actually when I could feel my Angel and his love towards to me. This made me understand that I am not alone and there is Something looking after me. This and re-charging my aura helped a lot! I felt so energetic and happy from the next day! I’m very thankful Aoibheann to look after me with all of the support and nice words you gave to me.”

Judit Varga, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 2

“Aoibhann Doyle, helped me a lot on the last 2 years, she is an amazing meditation teacher and a great healer. I would recommend her to anyone I know. She definitely has a gift that not many other people have, I think she is brilliant on what she does, she is passionate, charismatic and cares for people a lot.”

Sandra Stynes, Bray, Co. Wicklow

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have been going to Aoibheann for both healing and guidance for almost 7 years. Over those years, I’ve lost close friends and family through expected and sudden deaths, as well battling my own depression on a daily basis. During those years, Aoibheann’s spiritual soul-soothing guidance and healing have helped me in more ways than I can put into words!! Irrespective of how low I have felt before a session with Aoibheann, I leave feeling refreshed, revitalised, ready to take whatever the world can throw at me. There is such a beautiful calming and comforting energy from her healing, and such honest guidance through her tarot work that I find myself returning to her words and parting advice when I feel things are not going my way, and those words bring both great grounding and great comfort. I can’t recommend Aoibheann highly enough, in both guidance and as a healer, and as an example of the most wonderful human being.”

Ita Callagy, Sligo and Maynooth, Co. Kildare

“I was new to meditation and I didn’t know what to expect. Aoibheann classes are great for beginners and not so beginners. She has a beautiful voice that will help you relax and guide you through the meditations. Her classes are also entertaining as she always offers something extra like angel card readings and interesting talks about metaphysics. You will be pleasantly surprised”

Bea Cruz, Bray, Co. Wicklow

“I would definitely recommend Aoibheann’s meditation classes and healing sessions. I joined the meditation class with an open mind having never been part of one before. I felt relaxed from the outset and totally felt at ease to open up. I have been to four classes now and Aoibheann has made me value myself more and view my life with so much more positivity. I leave each class with a can do attitude where what once were dreams seems a more attainable reality now. Classes are a highlight of my week and I have already had two friends ask to join the classes as they hear how great it is from me.

The healing session was extra special and personal. I could see the time that Aoibheann takes to make each session the amazing experience that it is. It was lovely to hear the messages my Angels had for me. It is such a relaxing and emotional journey. I felt heat and light surround my body. I left feeling like my whole body and mind and been cleansed, like all negativity had been washed away and I was shiny and new. I could not stop smiling all the way home. I already can’t wait for my next session and have bought a session as a present for a friend. Absolutely amazing :)”

Kim McGrath, Cabinteely, Co. Dublin

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