End of Era, Epoch A-new! Harvest Your Soul Seeds

September to November 2015 is the time to Allow the 5th Dimensional Frequencies to spiral through the layers of your life, settling into your Being. We have Blood Moons, Solar Eclipse, and a whole array of cosmic action reflecting our inner Changes, as we move between the 3rd Dimension time-line and 5D. You may be feeling the movement under you, as we vacillate between 3D and 5D, causing an intense Intuitive Sensitivity and increased awareness. Some less conscious will look for outside factors to blame for their own highlighted insecurities rising for release. Ways to weather the highs and lows and September are to:

*Increase the hours you sleep. Your Etheric field will be processing and integrating at maximum capacity. You will require much more rest this season. Meditation will keep your Vibration Clear and joyful. As well as helping you adjust to the increased Intuition/psychic abilities that come with 5th Dimension Consciousness.

*Choices- Life is a collection of choices you make. Follow your inner prompting on necessary changes such as making a move, Changing to a positive environment, easier location, calling that family member/ friend or applying for a happier job/ Vocation. All your Relationships will be transparent now and held in the Light for your review. Even the ones you never thought to observe! Forgiveness, Healing relationships and extending a hand of peace will be calling you especially after 27th September- in October 2015. This will be a time of peaceful Goodbyes and Refreshing Hellos!

*Passionate Service- You may feel a dramatic impulse to focus your life around your Passion and Spiritual work. You may decide to work more directly with matters close to your heart’s calling. This is the perfect time to go for it! That Book you have been dreaming up in your head perhaps…

*Childhood Cellular Memories – September and October highlights our Childhood issues, memories, and Emotions. So any lingering “stuff” from your child time-line is ready for healing now. Clear away objects and old worn out things that trigger pain or buried feelings from your past. If lingering emotions are causing upset, seek a Good Healer / Energy Therapist for assistance in clearing out the cellular bagage.

*Acknowledge and take action on Intuitive Dietary Changes. *Listen to your body’s desire and needs! (Many people are reporting a longing for increased water-rich, Alkaline foods such as Fruit, Local Vegetables and Whole grains. Mineral-rich, Alkaline Foods such as Millet, Quinoa, Potatoes, Carrots, Black Rice, Turtle Beans, Chickpeas etc, will soothe your emotions and comfort your body as you shift into a higher energetic state. Eat well and eat enough! You will need the energetic help to fuel your Nervous system through the shifts and Solar/ Lunar changes. I have found a complete move towards a Plant-based diet, rich in rainbow colours and vitamins so enriching and inspiring! I love eating cruelty free / Vegan. My digestion, energy-levels and mood have all improved for the better. And I eat as much as I care for (which is alot 😉

*Accountability. Take a full response to all your life’s experiences and emotional residues. Own your power by claiming your life’s direction and desires. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do! That old “bull-dozed” into being someone you are not, is of the old 3rd Dimensional Consciousness. Call in your Power and move toward your new Soul’s Era.

Shared and Channelled with Love, Aoibheann and The Arcturians, 05/09/2015

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