“Rescuers”, High Sensitives & “Victim-hood”

Are you a High Sensitive Rescuer? Do you feel a need and a drive to rescue people around you who expect your saving graces? 5th Dimensional Consciousness is evolving these negative patterns out of our energy field and into The light. When you constantly “hold up” and help others from a co-dependant place, it lowers not only your Vibration, but that of the person and people you are enabling. Your perspective that the other “Victim” Soul needs your strength to survive and thrive, is not a Source, high frequency perspective and it encourages the dependant to feel even more dis-empowered.

There are some who will always want more from you. Some people who want to remain in Victim-hood. They live from their egocentric, lower self. No amount of care and compassion you give will soothe their anxiety or emotional dependency. The ego is never satisfied. It requires constant “feeding” from, to keep it buffed up. As a High Sensitive person it is vital to understand when someone is seeking your constant validation from this empty ego energy. Usually, the emotional dependant will initially put you on a pedestal, idolise your help and kindness and then after some time, when all you give is not “enough”, they will feel anger and frustration with your attempts to placate their every need. Thus begins a cycle of inappropriate desire for your attention and focus. Neither of which will soothe or assist. So how can you help heal the co-dependent cycle of need and rescue, to benefit both you and the other involved?

You begin by recognising that it is not your job to save others. You honour your heart by knowing that as a Sensitive Soul your loving desire to reach out and help IS valid and of great assistance to the world. However, in the toxic case of feeling drained and usurped by another, be it a friend, a family relation or Lover, you understand that the greatest help and Teacher you can be to the soul involved, is to simply walk away. A Soul living out the “Victim / Martyr” role requires a “rescuer” to stay in that energetic negative groove. When you refuse to see the other in a victim mentality, you will naturally raise your Vibrational output around them. This is what we Energy Healers know as holding the space for another Soul to breathe. By breathing in the present moment, by not reacting to the ego’s demands and negative attachments, you become a clear reflection or Spiritual mirror for the other to see themselves. Your most profound assistance here is in holding the other in The Light, a Sacred Space of Love and Simply being present. Being in the moment for them means simply listening and staying in a high Vibrational perspective. Shining The light upon them with your Loving focus. When the interaction reaches a strained point where you feel emotionally drained, it is vital to know when to shift your focus and give them space. By honouring The Self, we teach and show others to the same. Sometimes we get lost in our thinking minds, so trapped in our heads that we require the clarifying breeze of pure example as a way forward. As Abraham Hicks said “Words don’t teach.” Experience does.

When we Honour and Love ourselves from this positive and whole Vibration, we create space that allows others to do the same for themselves. The reason Source does not swoop in to rescue our every fall is because Source knows we are ultimately strong and we came here to learn. It is not your responsibility to carry other people’s “stuff”. If you have someone in your life now who is causing you undue stress and loss of energy, you may take this as an Angelic sign and Divine permission to “Give up YOUR need to rescue.”

Healing requires space. The person who is draining you clearly needs to heal and release their limited concepts and pain. The most empowering way to help them is to empower yourself. SHOW them, through your own living that inner strength and esteem flows from the inside… If you are always forcing yourself to be available, turned “on” and in a constant, dysfunctional state of over-giving, you are actually a distraction to that person’s deep, inner Healing. The constant chatter, analysing and emotional stroking of the inferior spiritual ego, keeps them locked in a state of dis-empowerment. Show them the true meaning of Love and confidence by completely seeing them through God’s eyes and bestowing confidence in their independence and abilities.

You break the cycle of toxic energy vampirism, when you choose not to play the game. You step out of fear of disapproval, when you choose Love and compassion. And this is only possible when you feel that love and compassion for yourself first. Loving and holding a space for another does not require sacrifice or struggle or loss of power. In fact, these experiences suggest otherwise is occurring. Real Healing – empowerment is very possible and assured from a positive space of Trusting the process. When you are in true Alignment, you KNOW that everyone, has access to God, to Source Energy the same. The person who is locked in a sense of neediness will seek out someone who is giving in nature. As Light-Workers, it is imperative to our own inner strength and sense of Higher Self, not to become dependant on our need to rescue and give to others. True Giving always comes from a full cup, not a worn, out tired place of over-reaching and over-stretching to “save” others. We chose from Spirit to come here into this Physical Time/ Space reality as individuals for a reason. There comes a time in our lives when we have to choose who we are living for, outside others or ourselves… And the truth is we are each here to learn Spiritual independence and emotional, energetic maturity. If you are constantly sacrificing your own energy for the whim of others, you are hindering their maturing and learning journey. As an Energy Therapist, I learned this lesson on a deep level. I have evolved to become a much more Empowered and Clear Healer, Teacher and Channel as a result, both in my professional and personal life. Your greatest work will flow from a full, Whole inner Sanctuary…and this place is Love. Love does not need to justify or validate itself. Love simply is…

Fairy and Angel Blessings!

Aoibheann Síoga

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