Everyday Spirituality

The word Spirituality means different things to different people. For me, it has always embodied the beauty and magic of life, the fecundity of all our experiences and represents an evolving, individual and collective Consciousness… The word Spirit has it’s root in Latin from the word “spirare” meaning “breath, to breathe Spirit”. Also a branch of this word being “inspirato”- to breathe in Source, God. We now know this as “inspiration”. The very natural act of breathing is a spiritual one, connecting us to our Origins and invigorating our cells with Vitality.

To integrate your Energy, you must create and care for the foundation in your Vibration. Deep, healthy breathing, or Meditation is a deeply rewarding and rich practice that requires absolutely no religion or affiliation. The daily practice of deep breathing and quieting your thoughts is an ancient discipline that benefits everyone and can become a daily practice easily, with a little intention and commitment. Some of my students struggle in the beginning because the monkey mind is in a habit of running a-muck, in constant drama with the ego-mind. When this happens all you have to do is come back to your breath, become present in the moment and begin to breathe very slowly with focus only there… Like a muscle, with repeated practice, the mind will slowly calm down, and your thoughts will neutralize… Creating a peaceful and relaxed Theta state over time. Like all good skills and positive practices, the benefits of Meditation will become apparent after time of consistent, daily practice. People are willing to visit the gym everyday, brush their teeth consistently, take regular visits to the hair salon…yet 20 minutes to slow their hectic mind and breathe with Presence seems a chore! If you begin your day with a gentle meditative practice, you will see how all the other activities synchronise and begin to flow… It’s a powerful way to dissolve the stress of mind chatter and create clarity in your conscious self. It is also excellent for your physical well-being and immune system!

Meditation, slowing the breath, creates clear energy and cleans out your emotions and physical body. It is best to integrate it as part of your spiritual living. I like to practice first thing in the morning and last thing at night. This way it becomes an natural extension of being in the world and I find my frequency, my mood and health radiate as a result. Like all good things and inspiring choices in life, I choose to enrich my day by choosing to invest in my deeper Higher Self.

Authentic Spirituality is an everyday, real way of being IN the world. It is not an abstract ritual to “perform” or a piece of paper to state you have studied this or that modality. Real, Integral Spirituality is in the kind and gentle way you touch people’s lives.. How you welcome people into your experience with an open heart. I visit a market twice a month in Dublin. There is a sweet older man there with soulful eyes…He reminds me of my father. He always greets me with a warm smile and asks “How are you today Love?” I observe how he addresses each and every person, regardless of how they respond or treat him. He is always kind, friendly and helpful.Some people ignore him, dismiss him. This has no bearing on how he is in the world. He is not being pleasant and warm to receive a response or get something in return, he simply is being his sincere, spiritual Loving Self. I leave his Presence feeling Whole. When I see him, I acknowledge him as a Master. He is true, practising real Spirituality in action, everyday. This is the Spiritual expression of living we are returning to in the 5th Dimension on the New Earth. These expressions of generosity, Kindness, Sensitivity to ourselves, and to others feelings, are Universal expressions of the highest Vibration,- Love. And Love is the foundation of all expansion.

I wish you an Inspiring and Enriching December…

Love Aoibheann The Shaman

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