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28 Jul, 2015  /  Let The Wild things grow Allow the blossom become whole. Let hair be flowing free, eyes untouched… I don’t want to rest, be still or solid I want to run and play, in raucous laughter Golden in the sun, evolving Unafraid of rays. Do we ever truly know the beauty of a day until we […] Read Article

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15 Feb, 2015  /  I had no agenda. No plan, no goal. I was walking with marine Angels and talking to fuchsia orbs. Running with Elders in the Forest, and masculine mountain views, I will remember every colour, every sacred hue,… And every Light of you. Living fleshed out Sea-side adventures Intoxicating and all a-new Running uphill, trailing cliffs […] Read Article

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2 Jan, 2014  /  I shall choose the ripe good fruit from this tree For that is all I wish to take with me. The prosperous fruit that I may eat and be, I leave the bark, the bole,and roots to you. For our Soul’s planted a tree through our Rendez-vous. And although we watched it grow a-while, I […] Read Article

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21 Jul, 2013  /  The fruits of Love are lush, sweet, tender, plump. Ripe, Ready with rainbow flesh Romance lacing the air… The fruits are filled with juice, the midnight trees a muse The Summer breeze a fuse, All is possible now The homestead still in bloom As final Surrender fills the rooms… Of pure potential… My mother digs […] Read Article

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1 Feb, 2012  /  Bathe in pale purple Light The morning brings chocolate eyes awake The sight of you infuses Ancient scripts Of Citrus groves and dusky Tuscan Nights… Scurrying up River trees and forest ferns Melting ‘moro and past alike. Absolute Presence is the magic of Now My Blue is Coming through so Bright. Latin eyelashes and Roman […] Read Article