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20 Feb, 2017  /  Some people think Innocence means ignorance. It does not. Innocence is your innate, instinctual, natural response to life. It is your Soul’s Source Power. It is the root of Forgiveness and all Quantum leaps in expansion. It soothes, heals and cleanses clean. This includes all emotional responses, as a child responds in the moment, sincerely. […] Read Article

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20 Nov, 2015  /  The word Spirituality means different things to different people. For me, it has always embodied the beauty and magic of life, the fecundity of all our experiences and represents an evolving, individual and collective Consciousness… The word Spirit has it’s root in Latin from the word “spirare” meaning “breath, to breathe Spirit”. Also a branch […] Read Article

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27 Sep, 2015  /  Are you a High Sensitive Rescuer? Do you feel a need and a drive to rescue people around you who expect your saving graces? 5th Dimensional Consciousness is evolving these negative patterns out of our energy field and into The light. When you constantly “hold up” and help others from a co-dependant place, it lowers […] Read Article

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30 May, 2015  /  Your pets and animal friends are a Divine spark of Divinity, just like you. Animals that come into our lives as pets are often highly evolved in Consciousness and serve as Soul- Reflectors, for our individual, Ethical and Spiritual growth. We all have that one particular animal who made a lasting impression on our Consciousness… […] Read Article

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1 Apr, 2015  /  “Gather all your loose ends and tie them in a wreath for the wild salamander Fire Energies and feel the waves of emotional Self emerge in the watery element of the Full Moon Eclipse! The Spiritual paradox of combining what seems opposites is the theme at hand. There is way to blend oil and water, […] Read Article