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18 Jul, 2019  /  What is a limiting belief? A limiting belief is a repeated thought that limits you, that you believe is true. Any negative thought that limits your life and causes you pain is a limiting belief. Giving yourself space to FEEL all your emotions, naturally connects you to the thought/beliefs at the root. In order to […] Read Article

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15 Jan, 2019  /  The Moon plays a huge role in our wellbeing and frequency. As requested by a follower on my YouTube channel, this is a response on how I feel affected by the Lunar cycles. And how it may affect you. New Moon I’ve always been fascinated with the moon. My Mam and I both love to […] Read Article

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27 Sep, 2015  /  Are you a High Sensitive Rescuer? Do you feel a need and a drive to rescue people around you who expect your saving graces? 5th Dimensional Consciousness is evolving these negative patterns out of our energy field and into The light. When you constantly “hold up” and help others from a co-dependant place, it lowers […] Read Article

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3 Apr, 2015  /  The Lunar Eclipse on the 4th of April heralds a new Season of beginnings. Be vigilant of the changes before and after this change. There will be a letting go and clearing of worn out ways of being. Eclipses take us actively into a new space in our lives… Whether we are willing or not! […] Read Article

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10 Jan, 2014  /  Ascension symptoms include: Frustration, Mood swings, fatigue, sudden allergies / food intolerances due to increased frequency in Aura, doubting the self, confidence crisis, anxiety, impatience, Changing from anxiety to joy sporadically, strong desire to change career into a more heart-focused job/work, Wanting to serve others in a job that makes a difference to the Earth/humanity, […] Read Article