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21 Nov, 2003  /  I see Beauty It impassions me. I see Beauty In the light of yellow leaves, In the darkness of shadows… I see the guiding light In the blackness of dark. For it is in the dark That we see, The flame within More clearly. There is Beauty In raw truth. In the purity of natural […] Read Article

Promo image for Life Bruises

15 Oct, 2003  /  O’ how I wish my eyes were larger So I could see with full moon vision All the hope all around Simply waiting to be found. And now I wish that you could feel this, My aura, ever afters Till it makes your spirit menthol Our thoughts to silver streams… And Im not swearing anymore […] Read Article

Promo image for The World Owes Me Nothing

30 Jun, 2003  /  The world owes me nothing. People, my family, friends, you, owe me nothing. Expectations of oneself are a way to grow. Expectations of others are inappropriate. Who am I to expect anything from anybody? Expecting to withdraw what you want/ desire, what society expects, from someone else’s energy is ridiculous and sometimes even selfish. I […] Read Article