Channelled By Aoibheann, From the Angelic Collective

“Gather all your loose ends and tie them in a wreath for the wild salamander Fire Energies and feel the waves of emotional Self emerge in the watery element of the Full Moon Eclipse! The Spiritual paradox of combining what seems opposites is the theme at hand. There is way to blend oil and water, the land with the sea, emotions with the intellect! It is up to you to create your own path towards such a blending and balance. Your old existence is ready for the Violet flames of Renewal and Completion is at hand. All your hurt, loss and grief is ending as we approach the New Moon energies with vigor and promise. From the Lunar Eclipse onward, your manifestation abilities are increased manifold, so your conscious creating and thoughts will benefit by being healthy and heart-centered. The buffer time between thought and creation/ manifestation is lessening… Clear thinking is vital at this most potent time of your year. What has run its course in your life, will be Eclipsed out now. Let it go lovingly, gracefully… What has lost its energy is of no use to you. Allow the healing dark of the full moon in shadow to be spacious and open… So you can plant and grow new seeds in your experience. Be present and witness the Death/ Birth cycle of Spring open your wings, to shake off heavy feathers of Winter. For what you sow now, will manifest with speed before the September month of this year… Participate in this Opportunity, for it is now.”

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