Let the Wild Things Grow

Let The Wild things grow
Allow the blossom become whole.

Let hair be flowing free, eyes untouched…
I don’t want to rest, be still or solid
I want to run and play, in raucous laughter
Golden in the sun, evolving
Unafraid of rays.

Do we ever truly know the beauty of a day
until we have left it behind?

Let your heart be wild.

Not behind or in front, but opening up
to sprout an untamed bud,
Go into the wood, the unfamiliar place
to sing a new song and beat a path that shakes you up inside and rattles your spirit bones
Evoking a wild love…

Let me feel the wild warmth of my kin
Caress my golded shoulders
and stroke my wings unfurl…

You must leave space for growth.

To see the silvery juice of a June Moonshine slack my thirst
And wet my chin
Through sea-salty skin-full nights.

In my Wild memory I smell the sweetness of raspberry jam
on hot baked brown bread at dusk,
Upon a creaking swing in silky silence…

To be transported seeing the satiated glance
Of his boyish eyes and earthy grin.

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