The Still Soul Voice or The Ego Voice?

Do you sometimes feel as though you have two separate voices inside you?

Well, you have the still, firm Soul Voice which is focused on solutions, divine guidance and direction. And you also have the shrill, judgmental Ego Voice, which resists change and criticises you often. How can you know for sure which voice is expressing itself and guiding you? They each have distinct, different and opposite outcomes in your life. The Still voice of Soul wants to clearly direct, assist and bless you. The ego voice wants you to stay fenced in and play it safe. Let’s look at how each voice shows up in your internal world.

The Ego Voice

The Ego Voice is full of noise, rationalisations, generalisations and ridicule. It is rarely clear or concise, full of “shoulds” and “woulds”. It weighs heavy on you like an uncomfortable blanket of regret. It whispers repercussions and over-analyses. The ego expresses all its fears, doubts and worries and cautions you not to bother or even attempt anything should you fail. The Ego Voice encourages actions that cause immense stress and addiction. It normalises unsavoury, unhealthy behaviours and bad habits. It is rigid, has way too many negative opinions and channels resistance. The ego always cautions us to fit in and blend into the crowd. It is terrified of being unique or natural or real. Guilt, fear, regret, lack are all ego-based in consciousness.

The Soul Voice

The Soul Voice is still, calm, firm and loving. It is direct and concise. It expresses creative solutions and direction. It gives us a clear “yes” or “no” feeling in our body. The Soul Voice takes each moment as it comes. It is not bogged down in “Yes, buts”. It directs and suggests from a calming place of higher wisdom and respect. This still Soul Voice knows who you truly are and helps you choose based on this knowledge. It supports your authentic nature and individual expression of self. The soul supports what is true, real and individual. Your Soul Voice will tell it like it is! The action you follow from the soul brings relief, peace in your heart and forward motion. And your soul always extends this freedom of expression to others!

How to connect with your Soul Voice inside?

You connect with this still, calm wise voice within, by going inside yourself and being still. Meditation provides this perfectly because when we are still, we are listening. The key is to step outside of what is familiar and banal. That is why holidays, breaks and retreats are often great times of renewal and change. By stepping outside our ordinary lives, we make space for new inspiration to arrive. Solitude, reflection and alone time is vital. Giving ourselves sacred space to simply be in nature is a perfect way to contact the soul voice. When we are in constant demand daily, be it with our loved-ones, our phone, work etc, we cannot be quiet or still. Going somewhere new, or simply switching off, can create this time for our soul consciousness to speak through our hearts.

Bean an Machnamh by Aoibheann Doyle
Bean an Machnamh by Aoibheann Doyle

Your truth is yours and belongs to you wholly. What you receive from your Soul Voice will be unique to your life experience. You do not require others to confirm your choices. Trusting your soul’s perspective and creating heart/mind coherence is key. When you are relaxed in this space, simply ask through your heart, “What is it I truly want to experience now?”

Listen and be patient to receive the answer.

Remember the Soul Voice is not loud and proud. It is in the present moment, giving you the wisdom of what you are ready to receive right now. You will always be guided to the next step in as far as how ready you are to follow. We can only be given what we allow ourselves to receive. Meditation, breath-work, retreat, prayer and rest are all ways we increase our ability to connect to the wise Soul Voice within. The Soul Voice brings wisdom from Source straight to your heart of hearts. The guidance it provides leads to peace of mind and allows you to change direction as needed. The wise soul within speaks from the source of love, clarity and truth. Use the above information to make decisions and create movement moving forward in your life now.

We are here to know ourselves. Your soul voice connects you to this truth.

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