October Skies 2015: Your Energy Update

If the last Blood Moon Eclipse September 27th floored you, hang on in there! There is a New Moon on October 12/13th this month that will brighten and lighten your heavy load. September was all a buzz with fiery, flashing lights and high, creative but chaotic energy…This added some much needed fizz for all of us but by the last Eclipse on the 27th we all felt a little frenetic and worn out by all that 5th Dimensional lunar activity. September prompted action. The cosmos pumped in new vibrations to assist your efforts. By October’s first week, a little solitude and reflection was just right. Mercury is also retrograde till the 9th of October so in a few days you will most certainly feel a push through and pull forward, as Mercury goes direct and plans go ahead. I received that September and the first 2 weeks of October would bring up the past, unresolved issues and especially childhood reflections…I personally found this very accurate and astringent. Eclipses always impact us High Sensitives but last month was a cosmic merry-go-round! I saw so much emotional expression and what wasn’t being said up till now, found it’s way out of our mouths. It was time to get that stuff out of our energy field and into the air! It may not have felt comfortable at the time to say- but by now you will feel the benefit of self-expression and speaking your truth. Onwards and upwards… My guides inform me that all of us will feel more relaxed and less emotionally porous once the 9th of October passes and Mercury goes direct. The last 2 weeks in October will be especially interesting with opportunities that were withheld, suddenly popping up and doors opening! October will bring new alliances both in work and personal/ Love relations. So book an Autumn break in the last two weekends in a new and unexplored place! The Angels say we are now being asked to invest in fun and joyful pursuits, as we need to rejuvenate having anchored the powerful 5th Dimension frequencies. We are well on our way into this present, new paradigm… We deserve a treat! Trick or treat? Perfect Divine timing! Happy Hallowe’en! Aoibheann and The Angels

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