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25 Feb, 2007  /  Avalanches above snowscapes underneath Your yearning for the Blossom’s May And we are here in Winter’s day What say you, what will you say? When Rose seeds bud Your Darling May When the moon is full and ripe and round, Ready, fecund, fertile, profound Protruding flowers growing sound Through Barren landscapes of your mind (Like […] Read Article

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10 Feb, 2007  /  You are my Queendom I promised myself. You are poetic Palace Of rustic, ruddy, realms For these streets are to me a dream The guggling Garavogue And Hazelwood stream. Seven months of sacred Sligo silence No denying distractions Just truth, time and Art Fulfilling work and the Healing dark of the black. Sligo, you saved […] Read Article