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18 Jul, 2019  /  What is a limiting belief? A limiting belief is a repeated thought that limits you, that you believe is true. Any negative thought that limits your life and causes you pain is a limiting belief. Giving yourself space to FEEL all your emotions, naturally connects you to the thought/beliefs at the root. In order to […] Read Article

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15 Jan, 2019  /  The Moon plays a huge role in our wellbeing and frequency. As requested by a follower on my YouTube channel, this is a response on how I feel affected by the Lunar cycles. And how it may affect you. New Moon I’ve always been fascinated with the moon. My Mam and I both love to […] Read Article

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15 Mar, 2018  /  Themes around 16th/17th March to prepare for: Boundaries & recurring power dynamics, Physical & psychological health, Tradition versus Alternative, Power over force, Stimulants & Addictive behaviors, Trust and Faith. You are given the Soulful opportunity on and around the 17th of March, to transform and move through a lifelong challenge. This golden gift asks you […] Read Article

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26 Jan, 2018  /  SEX, SOCIALISATION & POWER: 2018 Ascension Update & The January Blood Blue Moon The Super Blood Blue Moon on January 31st 2018, brings completion and a significant ending… Expect this exciting and poignant Eclipse to gift you with a pending death of old. With the completion expect a glorious surprise! This moon will shock and […] Read Article

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5 Dec, 2017  /  December 2017 Themes: Free Will With Mercury retrograde, December is a wise time to re-create. Use your “Free Will” to re-negotiate soul agreements. This December is about cleaning up “house”. That is, the inner and outer house of your Consciousness, your reality. If you are not enjoying your agreed upon present, then re-negotiate your soul […] Read Article