Blending of Opposites to Create a Whole

The Lunar Eclipse on the 4th of April heralds a new Season of beginnings. Be vigilant of the changes before and after this change. There will be a letting go and clearing of worn out ways of being. Eclipses take us actively into a new space in our lives… Whether we are willing or not! It is best to work with this manifesting energy, rather than push against. The theme of this Energetic Shift is: What are you doing to please and fulfill yourself- And what are you doing to please fulfill others? This Eclipse is about exploring the two aspects of Service to others and satisfaction of loving yourself. How can you marry both worlds together creating Union??? People pleasing, following convention to avoid judgement and working in mis-matched careers, will be stirred up and cleared out with this Eclipse. What aspects of your work/ service to the outside will you let go of, to make space for the service of your own desires? It is Vital at this time on the new Earth that a balance and honour of Internal Love and External Love is created. How can you now move forward toward goals of the Divine Self, combined with goals of the Collective? What career focus is necessary to further your Service to others/ external projects, while unifying focus on the time and energy given to yourself? It is no longer a “this or that” system. Participation in the Community for the Soul Self and others is required. The New World that was born in 2013 asks of you your full Integration of soulful pursuits! This Lunar Eclipse will be asking and showing you how you CAN work, satisfying yourself first and therefore attracting others who resonate with your offering. It is time to Marry and unify Service and Satisfaction, Work and Play, Giving and Receiving… Moon Blessings! Aoibheann and The Angels

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