Grounding: How to Stay Focused and Balanced

Grounding is a technique used to disperse the overload of excess energy from your energy field and back into the earth. When you are grounded, you are able to connect with the present without feeling overwhelmed or overloaded.

When you are not grounded it makes it harder for you to connect to the undercurrent of life’s natural support. You feel, uneasy, spacey and almost like you are not fully firm in your physical body.

When you are grounded you won’t go into the physical fight or flight panic state (an example of this was the mass buying of toilet roll during the initial stages of the pandemic). You feel connected to the universal whole and you radiate compassion and community spirit.

An uplifting affirmation can be said every day to encourage feeling centered and grounded:

I am safe and supported.


I send my energy roots down into the earth now.


A way to increase grounding naturally is through the act of “Earthing” – walking barefoot in nature, by the seashore, on natural earth, being in nature. When you rest you are grounding your energy, connecting with your vibe tribe (good friends, beloved family members, your community, etc.), gazing at green landscapes/natural environments, sitting by the roots of a tree, gardening, walking mindfully, acknowledging the present and living in the moment.

Grounding: Aoibheann at the Hag's Chair, Boyne Valley, Co. Meath

Earthing: Aoibheann at the Hag’s Chair, Boyne Valley, Co. Meath

Creativity & Prayer

All acts of creative expression like dancing, singing, chanting, drumming, painting, arts and crafts, drawing are all grounding actions that disperse negative energy.

Meditation and breath-work are excellent ways to ground and create calm in the body and mind.

Stretching, Yoga, running, lifting weights are other examples of grounding exercises.

The result is clarity, presence and connection.

It is extremely good for the nervous and immune system to practice grounding exercise daily.

Some people say prayer is an act of grounding. Sitting with a shaman, Healer, or therapist who is completely present in the moment with you, holding a sacred space for you to simply be, is a wonderful experience to feel the benefits of being grounded and connected to your emotions and physical body.

Balancing the Unconscious & Conscious Mind Through Meditation

The unconscious mind (also known as the sub-conscious) is your allowing mind.

The conscious mind has the role of defining your experience, putting what you sense into context. The bridge of the two minds is the ego. If your ego is not integrated and grounded, you may find it difficult to process and be present in your current experience. The ego’s role is to keep you physically focused. Your conscious wellbeing requires a healthy balance between both the unconscious and conscious mind. If you lack balance in engaging with both, if you suppress emotions, you may find you become reactionary as a default. So, you over-react automatically to upsets or inconveniences in your life. Don’t judge this, instead see it as information of what you need to work out in yourself. Only you have access to your inner world. You have the power to recognise and integrate your fears, emotions and past.

People who have an over-active ego have not yet integrated their past pain.

Compassion and presence are the healing balm to ease into this integration.

That is why I teach emotional awareness through Meditation as it helps to shift you into the present moment. It grounds you into your truth and helps you not to feel a victim of your past. Unexpressed, ungrounded emotions can develop into all kinds of issues including Anxiety, OCD and Depression. Simply being honest with yourself about your real deep feelings every day is a positive step towards integration and transformation.

Appreciation Journal

Another coaching tool to encourage feeling grounded is the universal Manager Focus list. Write out your weekly list now in your journals to create a focused structure on what you aim to achieve and experience this week. Keeping an “Appreciation journal” where you write out all the things you feel appreciation for is very grounding and helps create a positive focus.

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