Pet Magic

Your pets and animal friends are a Divine spark of Divinity, just like you. Animals that come into our lives as pets are often highly evolved in Consciousness and serve as Soul- Reflectors, for our individual, Ethical and Spiritual growth. We all have that one particular animal who made a lasting impression on our Consciousness… This Pet simply “knew” and understood our core Selves. We felt absolute, pure love from our furry friend and we knew it was unconditional… This Pet is indeed one of your Soul-Friends. You most likely served together in Spiritual expansion throughout several lifetimes. Our beloved Pet’s Soul often incarnates again and again, beside us, in different bodies, to help and assist our physical experiences.Pay attention to what feelings your pet surfaces in you when you interact with them. Animals are Masters of Self-Love and Self-acceptance. They show us how to be authentic and our “real” Selves. Your pet doesn’t judge you on your status, appearance or ego. He/ She welcomes you just as you are! This is a lesson in Love for us egocentric humans! Your Pet’s Soul is an energetic Blueprint, just like you, so that you will often feel a familiar, calming feeling when re-united. This is the phenomena people often share when they go seeking a new puppy or kitten and feel a magnetic pull to a particular animal… The Animal Soul “calls” you more than the others around. When you meet eyes, there is a core “knowing” that you are destined to choose this one as your new pet friend. Humans may arrogantly perceive animals are “lesser than” in terms of intelligence / creation- but this is not true. The Angels often direct us to learn and observe the natural and instinctual behaviour and unconditional Love of the Animal Kingdom, as a template for our own enjoyment of life. Our pets show us how to be Present, fully alive in the moment. They show us how to love without expectations and conditions… Just observe the beauty of your pet dog and how he Loves you and is receptive to you, regardless of how you have been treating him! Animals are Spiritual teachers of being in Alignment, complete acceptance of the now, and adapting to life’s rhythms… Your Pet loves you so much that they agreed upon incarnating, to absorb much of your negative energy and be a source of joy and companionship throughout your life! Your pet actually absorbs your heavy, lower Vibrations and clears your Auric field everyday! I have witnessed this with Clients and their pets. They also act as mirrors to your energetic pattern. The animals of Earth have so much to teach us! How blessed we are to witness their simple joy in being alive!

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