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28 Jul, 2014  /  Reflection: The Power of influence affects everything, especially a Healing. The impact is greater when there is belief in the Healing (because what you believe, you create/perceive). Everyone is connected to Source, but when you feel down/unwell etc, you doubt your own Connection, and that is why you may reach out to a Healer/Life Coach […] Read Article

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10 Jan, 2014  /  Ascension symptoms include: Frustration, Mood swings, fatigue, sudden allergies / food intolerances due to increased frequency in Aura, doubting the self, confidence crisis, anxiety, impatience, Changing from anxiety to joy sporadically, strong desire to change career into a more heart-focused job/work, Wanting to serve others in a job that makes a difference to the Earth/humanity, […] Read Article

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2 Jan, 2014  /  I shall choose the ripe good fruit from this tree For that is all I wish to take with me. The prosperous fruit that I may eat and be, I leave the bark, the bole,and roots to you. For our Soul’s planted a tree through our Rendez-vous. And although we watched it grow a-while, I […] Read Article