November New You: Your Energy Forecast, Nov. 2015

Channelled by Aoibheann on behalf of The Arcturian Angels: “October’s end brings the death of what is complete in your life. We watched as October’s Intensity heightened and will reach it’s culmination by the Atlantian Anniversary, what you call your “Hallowe’en”- which is in fact the same date as Atlantis destruction eons ago, from your current linear time-line. Many Souls recall that experience which is why this time of year can be a tender and emotional season… The sadness you have been feeling requires only your recognition and Feeling it fully…to transform and be re-born. And 5th Dimension, which you fully embody now, is a state of renewal and being born into a new perspective on Gaia. By the 31st of October, a vital decision will need to be made, a way chosen, before leaping into November. We are calling your next month “Crimson November”, as it will herald many of the “ROOT” Chakra issues coming up for review, reflection and absolute Healing. These themes will arise as the following all through that next 6/8 weeks:

HOME & Tribe – Reviewing, changes in and around Home, Tribe, occupants and your personal, intimate environment. Moving Home, Clearing and tribal themes can be completed now. Where is your BE-Longing? Establishing personal comfort and clear space for your private moments and Meditation. Boundaries will arise for your defining. We advise Sincere, Grounded and crystal clear communication at all times, with all Souls involved. Speak up for you Higher Soul to create solitude and quiet time.

INTIMACY – Intimate and Personal Relationships will require your full attention. Sexuality, Passionate expression… Using your Sensuality for Joy and sharing Love will play a prominent theme all throughout this “Crimson November”! The 3rd Wave of Souls are flowing into the physical Earth time/space, so conceptions will be abundant. Soul- mating and Spiritual meetings will be strong this November. We will arrange special interludes, rendez-vous and paths crossing to unify Kindred and Souls in Service to Source! This creates great excitement for us, as well as you… Circulate!

SHADOW DISSOLVE – Come out of the Spiritual Closet, Beloved! Embrace The Integral, Authentic Expression of YOU. If you are concerned and shamed of what others think of you and your Beliefs, you are holding onto an old paradigm of the 3rd Dimension. 5th Dimension is about Freedom, Belonging and Integration. Hiding aspects of your SELF, your life choices, will filter your energy output/ Vibrational field. How can you expect to meet WHOLE Souls when you are not showing up your Whole Self!? You have nothing to hide. To uplift the quality of your experiences and relationships, commit and devote your energy to BEING your WHOLE, complete and beautiful Soul Self. Your perspective, your desires are of great interest to Spirit. The World of Gaia needs YOU and YOUR song to be sung. Only you can sing your tune.

COMPLETION (death) and RENEWAL (Birth) – Both are prominent features over your coming 6-8 weeks. We assure you the highs and Lows of October will settle gently…revealing a resurrection of your real, Intimate, Innocent Self. A Vital and life-altering decision may need to be made on something that has ended and is complete. Embrace the change and create in the new space something aligned to your Heart. We will oversee your passion is nourishing and returned to you in a myriad of sacred and magical ways…

FREEDOM – Free yourself of any uncomfortable bindings in your lifestyle and viewpoints. Obsessive thinking, negative habits and low vibrational choices are going to be spread out into The Light. Any pain you feel is simply a reluctance to let go and TRUST The Goodness of Spirit in this regards. Freedom from old connections / relationships is required to lighten your load. You cannot carry old 3rd dimensional beliefs and connections into the new world! Let them go without guilt or shame. What is complete is being shed in this Crimson time. Crimson is the colour of fresh blood, of new life! Will you Allow this new energy to permeate all areas of your expression?

DEVOTION – Devote to your chosen Service, your Light-Work, your Inspirations and most sacredly your EXCITEMENT! This is the month to take your studies, your craft and your skills to higher dimensions of attunement. Devote your time to Laughter, to your family and be-loveds. Commit to your Inspirations for they are your Angels (Us!) prompting you to a life of Joy. Commitment to your Soul’s calling, your life’s work, will extend far this Crimson November. Any focus you extend at this time, will renew and return to you over the coming years a hundred fold.

We know this Information will assist and uplift you as you travel forward. In loving service to Source- Of- All,

The Light Ones in the Angel Frequency,

Your Bridge to Spirit!

Síoga” Aoibheann and The Angels

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