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5 Dec, 2017  /  December 2017 Themes: Free Will With Mercury retrograde, December is a wise time to re-create. Use your “Free Will” to re-negotiate soul agreements. This December is about cleaning up “house”. That is, the inner and outer house of your Consciousness, your reality. If you are not enjoying your agreed upon present, then re-negotiate your soul […] Read Article

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13 Apr, 2017  /  I begin April 2017 singing through my High heart and Thymus. For years I have asked the Great Cosmic mother to bless me with the confidence and opportunity to sing and share my soul and now at 35, I feel the gateway clear for my soul to sing and shine. One must be grounded to […] Read Article

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20 Feb, 2017  /  Some people think Innocence means ignorance. It does not. Innocence is your innate, instinctual, natural response to life. It is your Soul’s Source Power. It is the root of Forgiveness and all Quantum leaps in expansion. It soothes, heals and cleanses clean. This includes all emotional responses, as a child responds in the moment, sincerely. […] Read Article