Energy Update: Stellar September

Sweet September! This is the Stellar month of 2015 and indeed since the 2012 Paradigm Shift, into the New Earth Consciousness. A month of Blood Moons and the anchoring of the higher Frequencies will now take place and we will be feeling it, depending on how sensitive you are. Check out the geomagnetic storms and weather changes happening on the planet over the coming weeks! The Earth’s frequency which usually rests at 7.83 Hertz, will rise to 11/13 Hertz by end of September. The Ancients marked this September as a pivotal Energetic time of immense change. Our shifting into a higher, Accelerated, Consciousness, is not a new experience in terms of evolution, However, what is significant here is that this time, we are awake and consciously going through it. The past 3 years has been a massive birthing process for us High Sensitives in terms of earthing and integrating the new Vibrations and making significant life Changes to facilitate our Spiritual focus. This Season will heighten your polarities, clarify your concepts of reality, and ask you to choose your vocation, with full conviction. It is crunch time and the Universe wants to know your chosen direction. The birth of your new focus, your new lifestyle and WHO-YOU-TRULY-ARE is imminent. Wishy/washy thinking time is up. For those of us who have sowed our seeds in faith and full hearts, September truly is a Harvest… You are part of this New Wave of Ascension sweeping through now and it is wise to know how to use this lovely empowering time to uplift and expand your conscious experiences and Soul adventures! This is what Meta-Physics, Spirituality, is all about – Understanding and Learning how to work with the natural energies of the vast Universe and how they affect your life. I teach Meditation Classes and One to One Sessions for those who resonate with this work. Aoibheann, Integrative Energy Therapist

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