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18 Jul, 2019  /  What is a limiting belief? A limiting belief is a repeated thought that limits you, that you believe is true. Any negative thought that limits your life and causes you pain is a limiting belief. Giving yourself space to FEEL all your emotions, naturally connects you to the thought/beliefs at the root. In order to […] Read Article

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15 Jan, 2019  /  The Moon plays a huge role in our wellbeing and frequency. As requested by a follower on my YouTube channel, this is a response on how I feel affected by the Lunar cycles. And how it may affect you. New Moon I’ve always been fascinated with the moon. My Mam and I both love to […] Read Article

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20 Feb, 2017  /  Some people think Innocence means ignorance. It does not. Innocence is your innate, instinctual, natural response to life. It is your Soul’s Source Power. It is the root of Forgiveness and all Quantum leaps in expansion. It soothes, heals and cleanses clean. This includes all emotional responses, as a child responds in the moment, sincerely. […] Read Article

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1 Jun, 2016  /  What is the difference between a spiritual partner and a traditional, conventional spouse/romantic partner? Firstly the most significant difference is the energetic dynamic between the two types of relationships. A conventional marriage or traditional spousal dynamic is quite often focused on keeping the “status quo”. While a Spiritual Partnership is all about shaking your spirit […] Read Article

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20 Nov, 2015  /  The word Spirituality means different things to different people. For me, it has always embodied the beauty and magic of life, the fecundity of all our experiences and represents an evolving, individual and collective Consciousness… The word Spirit has it’s root in Latin from the word “spirare” meaning “breath, to breathe Spirit”. Also a branch […] Read Article