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8 Nov, 2016  /  CONCENTRATION OF ENERGIES & ACCEPTING THE SOUL The current concentration of new Earth energies are palpable. As a collective we are choosing between the heart and head. The old paradigm was run by the aggressive, dysfunctional Masculine. 3D earth which ended in 2012 & is presently complete, was fuelled by illusion and imbalance. Being a […] Read Article

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28 Sep, 2016  /  A Black Moon blesses us on the 30th of September this year. This Moon’s bountiful blessing will be an absolute breakthrough in a stagnant area of your life. The first stifling rut to spring to mind is most likely the area this breakthrough will occur for you. The 4 -6 weeks following this Black Moon […] Read Article

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1 Jun, 2016  /  What is the difference between a spiritual partner and a traditional, conventional spouse/romantic partner? Firstly the most significant difference is the energetic dynamic between the two types of relationships. A conventional marriage or traditional spousal dynamic is quite often focused on keeping the “status quo”. While a Spiritual Partnership is all about shaking your spirit […] Read Article

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20 Feb, 2016  /  Core Themes for March/early April 2016 are: Exposure, True-Self Being Revealed, Giving Up Control Issues, Surrender, Challenges In Consistency, Breaking Up And Dissolving Of Stagnating Futile Patterns, Playing/Feeling Out Old Emotional Stories, Dissolving Dense 3rd Dimension Feelings, Transparency, Truth, Embracing The Shadow-Self (Dark, Yin) As Well As The Light, Choosing A Neutral State Of Being […] Read Article

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11 Jan, 2016  /  2016 is the year of positive Integrative practice. By this I mean it is the time to walk the walk and talk the talk of your Higher, Expanded Self. I have shared the lead up to this energetic landmark with my students and clients, especially since September 2015 (when the threshold of the 5th Dimensional […] Read Article