Path of Bliss

Aoibheann and The Angels here… Hello!

So my friends what is it you wish to create today?

Ask yourself this question everyday. What feels good to me right NOW??? Not tomorrow, not next week…this present moment- What feels good?

When you ask yourself this most important and life-CHANGING question, you focus your thought and align with your Higher self, with God.


Because you came forth to create. Change is evolution. I remind clients- If you desire it, you deserve it. If you desire it, your Soul has already created it in Spirit. All you have to do is KNOW you are worthy of it, and ALLOW it in.

By following the path of your Highest Bliss/excitement, in every moment, you create blissful pathways for your experience and feet to follow… “Like attracts Like”.

Feeling “unworthy”, or “not enough” is one of the strongest reasons we haven’t physically received our prayer. There is something active within you that “believes” you cannot have, or dont deserve your desire. But I want you to know, if you dreamed it up, if you feel the wanting of it within you, it is YOURS. IT IS YOURS, in every sense of the word. And you came here to dream it into existence… Do you know that? Can you feel the truth in this truth? IT IS YOURS – You could not create the desire, feel the pull and want of it, and not own it. You created it- so you own it! IT IS YOUR CREATION! The Universe always GIVES with Love.

So some say “So why haven’t I got it?”

And The Angels say “Because you do not Believe…”

Somewhere within you, is a limiting belief which limits what you allow to be GIVEN to you.

You can want something all you like, but if you dont believe it is possible, IT IS… then the Universe, the law of Attraction gives you what is in your Vibration – More evidence of what you believe.

BECOME that which you are wanting! So if you want Money-become rich in spirit. FEEL rich. Be Abundant in your thinking, your doing, your emotional feeling…feel the richness of life flowing through you. This is just a basic example, but you get the picture. As Gandhi said, so wisely and so true. “You must become the change you wish to see in the world.”

Gandhi, like so many other Masters of Consciousness, understood the Universal Laws.

We are here in this time-space reality, having this physical experience, to enjoy adventure, diversity and change.

To resist change, is to resist Life, to resist the divine within. You are a creative Consciousness, forever flowing, changing, growing…Energy needs movement. Energy needs to stretch and shift, And Divine Energy is what YOU are.

You didnt come here to stay the same, do the same and be the same as everyone else. You came forth to enjoy the ride, to laugh, to sample new things and experience new ways of being. By following your Bliss, by following what “feels good to me”, to you, today, you are following your inner Guidance, your Intuition.

And this Guidance, this inner knowing leads you towards your desire, every time. By ignoring your inner gut feeling, your inner guidance, you ignore The Angels and your Higher self.

The most important way of BEING to effect positive change in your life – Is to be and do what feels good now.

The only question you want to ask yourself is “Do I feel good?” For in allowing yourself to follow your joy, your bliss, you are a shining example, a radiant way shower, of joy and wellbeing for others.

When you are in alignment with Source, with God, you are a powerful co-Creator and uplifter to others.

It is your only responsibility to align YOURSELF with feeling better, feeling good. For every positive step up the Vibrational scale,Up the energetic ladder- takes you higher and closer to your manifestation, your answered prayer. If you are not in Vibrational alignment, feeling connected to Source, you do not have much to offer others. So by taking care of yourself, you extend your love and Light out to the world.

Holding You in The Light!

Aoibheann, Meditation Teacher

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