The Meta-Physics of Belief

Reflection: The Power of influence affects everything, especially a Healing. The impact is greater when there is belief in the Healing (because what you believe, you create/perceive). Everyone is connected to Source, but when you feel down/unwell etc, you doubt your own Connection, and that is why you may reach out to a Healer/Life Coach / Therapist to intervene on your behalf. For one who is in Alignment (The Healer), “is more powerful than millions who are not.” – Abraham

Doubt is is 100% belief in a reality you do not prefer.

When you doubt yourself, your ability, your talents – You are choosing the unfolding of that reality. When you know, in your blood and bones, you are a Conscious Innocent Soul from Source, you recognise that Source has your back. We must take responsibility for our lives, our experiences and feelings, in order to create what we prefare. The Angels are Messengers, a Bridge to Source. They are Extensions of God, of Conscious Thought and they serve your Highest Good. Remember to ASK your Angel Team to Intervene on your behalf TODAY, every day – and you will see Miracles Unfold and open into your life experience.

You are so FREE, so LOVED by Source that you are given free will to choose what you want to explore… Doubt is choosing to explore what you don’t want- and this is your choice, your free will do so. The Angels and I, know you have the freedom to go deep into the dark or step into the Light. My Guidance, which is translated from the Angelic Collective/ Vibration is to choose to focus where you feel better. Every day choosing little steps forward into the Light Consciousness- which is your Organic, true Nature. There is no Source of Darkness Beloved, there is only the absence of Light!

Well-being Blessings to You and yours.

Aoibheann and The Angels

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