Innocence Island

Some people think Innocence means ignorance.

It does not.

Innocence is your innate, instinctual, natural response to life. It is your Soul’s Source Power. It is the root of Forgiveness and all Quantum leaps in expansion. It soothes, heals and cleanses clean. This includes all emotional responses, as a child responds in the moment, sincerely. Innocence is a pure, State of Consciousness, responding from your high heart.

Alignment. It is the why in everything we seek.

Joy, freedom, fulfillment,…Alignment is the root of all our pursuits. It is the fuel that calls us forward to progress and expand our consciousness. If you get to the roots of why you want someting, you will always find the core answer in your soul ; “Because it feels better. It feels good!”

Which is why I encourage clients to go straight to the core of relief and choose the next step to feeling good now, regardless of outside conditions. Always move towards what feels better. No matter how small the improvement…step by step choose various ways of feeling better. And if you can’t, book in with your Healer for a Session.

Some people may need to justify their healing with many, many steps upward. Some of us like the new paradighm shift’s faster metabolism of energy. Integration of emotional response can be achieved in moments when guided by a good healer/ Energy Therapist. It is a skill to re-focus and feel. Feel it out…and repeat until clear…And then alignment floods in. Relief.

If you can, choose to feel good anyway. Unless of course, you want to experience a process! Perhaps you have been telling yourself there has to be a process, or threshold of pain before change. Whatever you choose to believe, you are right. I find the things I believe are hard, are experienced as hard and what I tell myself is easy, is easy. The Conscious self is a fascinating translator of energy. What you feed your mind, will be.

This tool I call ” Innocent Island” has helped me through all kinds of depressions, struggles and patchy places and brings one to the desired shift. If you choose to see your reality from the perspective of Innocent island, it means a commitment to stay there, seeing everyone as Innocent, loving and from Source. That is not to say their actions or behaviours will always be loving towards you, but from this horizon, we rememeber all is full of Love in truth. Innocent Island is a state of being in the world, regardless of what is happening around you. It means choosing to love yourself anyway, no matter what. It means embracing and adoring all your differences and quirky ways. It means choosing faith over cynicism and a trust in the natural goodness of all. When you live life from this space, you strive to release all judgements, resentments and grudges. By its very name, it returns everyone and everything to Source state. Including You!

Which, in turn reveals the desired reality to manifest! Why? Because you are a vibrational match to the why of that reality. You felt good first (which is the root of all desire), so you achieved an energetic shift internally…which is a short cut to all you want anyway! Because all we really, truly want is TO FEEL GOOD! Ask yourself why you desire anything and it is always a resounding “feel good” factor. It is 2017, the 5th Dimension has re-set our return to Innocence in motion and we are being called to fully Be in our lives, in a holistic, open way. Cynicism, limited structure and lazy thoughts repeating what is, no longer apply. Look around you. Others are living this freedom already. The next generation are breaking all the stagnant rules and re-creating their own. The young ones can see through the lies of society and artificial world order. Transparency is omnipotent. Yes, there are challenges and contrast but now we know what is happening. We can see through so much of what is illusion.

I’m not saying it is easy, but once this energetic, emotional tool is mastered, it is the deepest, more permanent way to shift your experience. I have used it to create all kinds of adventures in my life, from relationships, to jobs, to experience. It all started as a child. I used to go to my bedroom when I wanted to create something. I would sit on the floor, in silence, closing my eyes and simply breathe… Essentially meditating intuitively. I completely believed in all the magic of my wishes, my hopes, my dreams. At night I would meditate in bed and Astral Project all around the Cosmos, creating all kinds of wonderful scenarios in my Consciousness… I have a vivid memory of wanting a pair of skates, going to my bedroom, meditating in lotus position on the floor and receiving a pair of skates a few days later as a gift. As children, we know and expect creation to give to us. That joyful expectation was positively fulfilled for most of us, thus perpetuating a strong belief in receiving right up until our teens, when suddenly our energetic bodies shift and that beautiful cocoon of Innocence dissolves into self-consciousness. Our momentum of trust in allowing and receiving is thwarted and we are propelled into the darker side of the world. I know this is where I lost my upbeat expectations for my life and it was not until age 17 I got a whiff of possible potential again. But my energetic patterns of knowing versus doubting vascillated up and down right into my twenties. This is where we experience the “stop and start” game we play within. We sometimes feel the thrill and wonder of what I call “Childhood Allowing” and all is good with the world, or the doubting self of the teenage self (or any other particulalrly challenging period in your life). We have to choose a side. For real change to occur, we have to choose which energy island we wish to live upon, “Faith / Innocent Island” or “Lack/ Doubt Island”. This will balance out the swaying between fully fleshed out desires or wishy-washy manifestations. To quote the awesome Simon and Garfunkel “ Hang onto your hopes my friend. For if your hopes should fall simply pretend, that you can build the, again.” Why? Because life without potential, without hope, is no life at all.

Choosing how to feel, how to respond to life can seem unnatural and strange at first. You have been progammed to feel a slave to outside conditions, to external circumstances all your life. That is how they get you to buy stuff you dont need. Don’t like your hair/skin/car/career? “Here buy this product and feel good!” But the laws of the Universe prove that if you can feel good anyway, you will like and enjoy your hair/skin/car anyway. Because feeling good is the outcome you are really craving…Alignment! The hair/skin/car/relationship/career is a branch of Alignment. Not the other way around, as society would want you to believe. There is no profit in people truly loving their inner / outer selves profusely. You would not need all that stuff that convince you to buy. Nature, your Soul’s innate intelligence and direction would provide.What I know for sure is that we have barely scratched the surface of our Earth reality. We have skills beyond what we can currently fathom…but many more of waking up now.

Cherry blossoms

Innocence Island is a commitment. Once you activate the frequencies of Innocence within you will begin to see evidence of Innocence without. But you must stay on that pure awake Island and surround yourself with like energies. Choosing to trust in your good takes practice and is a discipline. It is a daily choice of making sound decisions moment to moment. It is the miracle of returning to our innate Innocence. Each step higher brings evolution and expansion of the self. It has been how I manage the physical pain of Osteo-Arthritis and a Hiatus Hernia for years. Some times are more challenging than others, and I slip into fear/doubt. On such occasions I treat myself with extra self-loving attention and rest. I know my “Inner child” needs me and I listen. I visit my Healer, Amatsu / Physical therapist and love myself back into Alignment. I cry, I weep. I walk in nature. I digitally detox. I go within and rest there until my Soul says “All is well”.

Fatigue is often the reason we slip into old habits. All tiredness is a symptom of resistsance, so you are far more likely to digress to Doubt Island if you dont take care and rest/ sleep it off. If you are chronically ill there is something far deeper going on and you will need to make significant life changes to transform and shift. I will posting an article on “pain as your soul’s messenger” shortly.

Childhood gifts us with the magic and wonder to dream, and dream big! That is how we have created the blueprint for our lives… Our ancient soul has been dreaming up situations and adventures for eons and we come into the physical holographic Earth space to flesh it all out as we please. Being in the 5th Dimension means returning to our Innocence of expectation. Allowing thus Receiving, what is calling your soul forward. Hence why I call it “Innocent Island”. It is the place I wish to live my life from. It is the place all of us can transform and enjoy our preferred reality. And it requires we return to our Innocent perspective of energy, of the world! For the majority of us this means re-learning the bliss of receiving like a smiling, content child, being nurtured, loved and carried by a greater love. If childhood was a painful period, I suggest using the image of an adored cat, sprawled out on a cashmere rug. Fed, watered and deeply relaxed by a blazing fire… No Doubt/lack Island here! The happy cat knows all is well. What a Master teacher our animal friends are!

When I feel fear I visualise my inner child, cosy in bed, meditating and Astral travelling all around the Universe. I recall visiting other dimensions, conversing with Angels and feeling truly blessed in all ways. Those memeories are powerful tools to rekindle that inner strength and trust in my innate goodness and birth-right to receive. But so much more that just being an empty opening waiting to receive. Waiting for anything is never very pleasurable. Ive learned the value and speed of choosing the best energetic qualities of any situation I find myself in. This is the “Art of Allowing “ Abraham-Hicks refers to. Like all Arts, it takes learning, discovery, practice and integration. That includes making the most of wherever you are. Be patient with yourself. Begin with being silent and just breathe…Swim out to Faith / Innocence Island. Feel how you would feel if all was well. Imagine the visceral relief of knowing you are absolutely cared for and carried. Surrender into your own personal paradise on this island of empowerment and relaxation. Take 10 slow, belly breaths, sinking deeper into contentment each time. If you are feeling particularly anxious, affirm to yourself that right here, in the present moment, you are safe and comfortable. Nothing need to achieved right now. Simply be… Everytime I embrace what is and find comfort/joy/wisdom from it, I shift into a better life experience. It is just how energy works.

Change begins with choice. By the gift of free-will we are choosing something in every single moment. Being awake and aware means being conscious of your inner choices. It all begins within and vibrating from YOU. What place/island are you living on? When you swim/ live between both doubt and faith you exhaust your mental and emotional bodies and it slows everything down. Mood swinging between hope and doubt will kill you. When feeling a sensation of being “stuck”, you are most likely swimming between lack and hope. Meditation clarifys our thoughts to clear this muddled thinking. Choose an Island and stay there. Feel all your honest feelings and choose where you would prefare to live in your conscious self. Having dwelled on both islands I can sincerely say Innocent Island has a far brighter view! The Choice, the power is all yours. Commit to how YOU want to feel, and become that frequency. Return to Innocence.

Spring Blessings,

Aoibheann The Energy Therapist

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