Spiritual Partners & Romantic Partnership

What is the difference between a spiritual partner and a traditional, conventional spouse/romantic partner?

Firstly the most significant difference is the energetic dynamic between the two types of relationships. A conventional marriage or traditional spousal dynamic is quite often focused on keeping the “status quo”. While a Spiritual Partnership is all about shaking your spirit bones and waking up your heart! Your Beloved will communicate truthfully and call you on your egoisms. Many in modern society actively seek a more peaceful traditional relationship. It is an easiar road compared to the passionate and often turbulent call of the kindred Soul Partner dynamic. Spiritual Partners are not afraid to express the raw truth and challenge you. She/he is not afraid of any part of you. They see your full complex Self. Your Beloved wants to see you stretch and succeed from their heart space. Energetically, they know you. They remind you what your Soul’s intentions were before you both came forward. There is a consistent “mirroroing” exchange that highlights the holistic spectrum of Who-You- Are. Simply being in the other’s presence reminds you of your own personal, intimate truth.

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The magnetic quality often referred to as “magic” between two kindred Souls upon first meeting is the beginning of the Spiritual Partnership. My partner said I literally “lit up” when we first physically encountered each other and I saw the same lighting up energy in his Aura /body also. I felt this emotional excitement and familiarity even before we actually met. I knew as I walked down the stairs to greet him first time it was a re-union of some kind. There was an understanding as we looked at each other. I even wrote a poem about that first encounter called “Kith & Kin” only days later…Such was the energetic impact of our rendez-vous. (You can listen to this poem in my poetry videos).

That is not to say such a relationship has no turbulence. Growth is afterall the soul’s focus and such a Sacred Union is designed to create and overcome challenge. The Spiritual partner will stretch you out of your not- so-comfortable “comfort” zone and into the Light! And we all know before we reach the Light the dark and dawn must break… Breaking of old bad habits, useless energy patterns, and ridiculous insecurities to name but a few. Your Spiritual partner is your energetic mirror. They reflect all your concerns, fears and desires simultaneously. At times, being in such a sacred relationship can be overwhelming. This can be the weak spot where some feel the need to fight of flee. The stronger bond will fight, share and deepen through such shadows, feeling grateful for the puissant Light emerging as they hold Love steady.

My own experience of such a dynamic showed up my deeper fears only weeks after our beginning. I was faced with opportunity to withdraw or reach out. Such a strong connection requires one to stretch beyond previous patterns of resistance and leave the cocoon of comfort and the known. I found myself expressing all my desires and concerns to him in a translucent and vulnerable way that left me completely open. Being open and sincere is the foundation for such a companionship to flourish.

You will invest in the spiritual partnership like never before. Not because it is easy or attractive or willingly chosen. You choose this experience from the Soul level, pre-physical birth -yes, but this profound experience takes all of you in. You want to go yes, but you must go. There is an inner satisfaction in co-creating and interacting with the Beloved Other. It is like a hunger that only this Union will satisfy. The other may be unlike your previous partners/ relationships. He/She may present so differently to what your ego had in mind. This is quite often the case. They may show up on the outside/culturally/personality in a shape and form quite challenging to what you had on paper for yourself. The Universe loves to surprise!

In a non-spiritual partnership, you don’t open up or invest so much. You don’t rock the boat. You make choices that keep the peace and keep you and your world small. Spiritual connection requires investment. You give freely knowing you are open-hearted and vulnerable yet there is a soul knowing you are so purely loved by this person…it is not a “safe” relationship but it is true. And the truth is liberating! Not to mention super soul satisfying! This dynamic will bring you into places of your expanded consciousness you forgot. Eye gazing will become a regular passtime of yours. In looking into their eyes, you will actually reveal deeper aspects of the Self. My partner and I can literally spend hours gazing into each others eyes and be entertained! Being an Energy Therapist and one who sees Auras, I am still amazed at the clarity and fire-works in my Beloved’s Aura. Our Eye-Gazing activity activates our pineal glands, causing natural DMT to flow… Hence the expression “getting lost in each other’s eyes”. Eyes contain the Soul’s blueprint so when we are in love we activate each other’s soul path by staring deeply into the soul windows. It opens energetic avenues in our blended consciousness that encourages us to bond and co-create experiences in our individual and partnered lives.

Meeting your spiritual partner happens when both souls have completed life’s “homework” before hand. There will usually be a negative, often traumatic relationship/ romantic experience prior to the spiritual blossoming with The Beloved. Such a knock is necessary to kick-start the inner work and push the shadows up and out for resolution before the appointed rendez-vous. Spiritual partnership begins when both have learned and grown as individuals initially and then the companionship continues the soul’s work collectively. You cannot cover anything or hide your imperfections with The Beloved. All your colours come up and out to shine through your skin. They reflect your honest beauty back to you by beaming all their unique colours in return. The both of you will report telepathic (Tel-empathic) comunication and dream visitations will become common. I had a series of dreams just weeks prior to meeting my Beloved. One was of us doing cart wheels and tumbles in the air, playing like children! Another was a tangiable love-making visit under a spirit tree. He shared some dream memories of my hands stroking his neck and soothing him during lonely, sad moments in his earliar life. He said my hands were extremely familiar which is poignant as my hands are my greatest tools as a Healer and Energy Artist.

The Spiritual partnership has nothing to do with conventional living or romantic tradition. It is a family union with another to encourage you further along in life. It is designed to bring the deepest love, laughter and joyful satisfaction into your experience. It is also designed to show you your fears and ego’s weaknesses. This requires immense inner strength. Which is why the two souls involved will have been through their own individiual lessons and traumas prior. They both have built up inner strength and power. They have both had to face adversity in their own way and learned to embrace solitude. They have grown past the ego’s petty demands in relationship and cultivated an empowered, rich inner world. So when the universe brings them together again in their current lifetime, they are absolutely sincerely ready.

There is no monkey business when Spiritual Partners come together. There are no games, no pretence, no agendas. It is the most Innocent of re-unions. Each person’s desire is mature and translucent. I remind clients and friends when they smell lies or someone thay are dating is dragging their heels, it is not The Spiritual Partnership. It’s worth saying again to be clear. This high quality and enriching romantic connection is a straight forward, no bullshit affair. Yes it is a human experience, flaws and all, but you both show up completely . You both want to be together. You both feel in Love. And although there is an exquisite energy created when you are together, your feet are absolutely on the ground. Where your feet are supposed to be in this physical experience. This is not a whirlwind romance. This is a lifetime(s) long energetic exchange! This is not about having just good sex. This is your higher, broader, Self expressing, engaging, sharing and giving to your Beloved.

The companionship created between two spiritual partners is both a catalyst for change/growth and a focus for becoming your Highest Self. It is a Source expression of absolute, unconditional Love. The blending of the two together is a sacred celebration of the Eternal Love from our Creator. You are completely seen through Soul eyes by the other. This relationship is not Co-dependant or abusive. It is not obsessive or needy. You feel extremely loved and cherished in The Spiritual Union. And it is a love anchored in exploring the adventure of life together, without conditions. The love and encouragement is from the heart chakra of both partners and there is a significant flowing of inspirational momentum. The other reflects honour to you and through you, as you do to them. It is a consistent deepening of a sacred bond that is beyong time or space. This Connection is sacred and eternal. Which is why the initial recognition is so powerful and embraced. Spiritual partners join together and choose to share adventures to further the expansion of Consciousness, for the individual souls and the broader collective. When you bond with your Beloved, your work, your family ties, your experiences deepen and expand. There is a satisfaction unlike any other relationship and you overflow this pure vibration to others.

Aoibheann The Shaman, Energy Therapist & Meditation Teacher

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