Magical Moon Vibrations: How The Moon Cycle Affects Me

The Moon plays a huge role in our wellbeing and frequency. As requested by a follower on my YouTube channel, this is a response on how I feel affected by the Lunar cycles. And how it may affect you.

New Moon

I’ve always been fascinated with the moon. My Mam and I both love to lunar gaze, especially when it’s full and bright. There is a real pull to observe the moon and connect with its magic. I believe women are especially connected to lunation. I notice when approaching the new moon, my sleep is often affected. I become more thoughtful and need to relax. My reflections run deeper than usual and I can feel anxious. The new moon frequency guides me to enjoy solitude, to reboot. It is my dreamtime, and preview of the stimulating creative ideas to come. We are given a new beginning, a clear path of potential. New moons and eclipses create an intensity inside our bodies that builds until the energies break and ground. It asks us to make new choices and heralds a good time to get clear on what needs to change.

True lasting change always begins within. So make that change in your Consciousness first. Then follow the impulses and inspired action that follows the new perspective you have chosen. The new moon is an internal phase where we want to create clarity and plant seeds in our consciousness and life. Our psychic senses are extremely high and clear. Sometimes the sensitivity around this time can be depleting so I like to rest more and take good care of my body and mind especially before the full moon. Meditation and eating plants really assists me during this phase of the moon.

Full Moon

The full moon is an especially fertile and enriching time. I feel my senses heighten and sexuality soar! It can also bring emotions I’ve been neglecting to the surface. It is well documented that the full moon is a time of increased emotional release, weeping, accidents, reflexive actions and passion. If the full moon or new moon coincides with my period (which Native Americans used to call “in her Moon”), My sensual and sexual desire increases and expands dramatically. Senses, appetite and feelings are super sensitive around my period anyway. When combined with a full moon, it’s a powerful time of experience and emotion. A rich time of feeling pleasure or pain. Full moons increase whatever deeper experiences we are feeling in our souls and dreamscape. It is my favourite time to paint, write poetry and make jewellery. It is my favourite time to teach too because my creative juices are flowing and I’m feeling very connected to my deeper soulful self. It is the right time to really engage with your high heart. Melatonin is lower during full lunation which explains why we often sleep less during this time. Also people are more impulsive when the moon is full. We are less grounded and more non-physically focused. Moon gazing at full lunation is a beautiful practice when meditating and relaxing. Manifestation is more likely to occur on the full moon. There is an old understanding that a Healer, a Shaman must not work on others during her Moon, her bleeding time. It is a practice I follow because my instinct tells me to rest, create and go into the wilds of nature during this time. It is a woman’s period of recuperation and regeneration. I go very deep into my spirit and emotions when I bleed. Sub-consciously I tend to wear red. I always make my bed right before I bleed and again it is not a conscious thing…my instincts are just in tune with the expected energies. I often go crazy cleaning my home before the moon is full and before I bleed. I feel very aligned with my spiritual power and inner strengths. I often bleed around the new or full moon. It seems to be my cycle. I enjoy this time to reconnect with my spirit and Angels. Hot baths, long gentle nature walks and lots of affection feel so good on the full moon! My senses are enriched, clearer, fuller. Everything feels more pronounced and alive!

The Dark / Waning Moon

The waning or dark moon is the ending cycle, heralding completion. I like to get organised, clean, tidy up, and declutter during the waning of the moon. I’m more anchored in my physical reality during the waning moon. Practical, daily tasks are accomplished. Lists are created and chores are completed. Balance is easier at this time as emotions are settled. It is a time to review what we have created during the waxing phase and reflect upon it’s significance. I like to meet friends and savour my work and creative projects, while preparing for new experience as the cycle begins all over again.

May Moon mystery continue to connect and inspire us always! What Moon magic will you create this month? And how does the lunar cycles affect you?

Aoibheann and The Angels

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