PRESENCE (Bray Adventures)

I had no agenda.
No plan, no goal.
I was walking with marine Angels and talking to fuchsia orbs.
Running with Elders in the Forest, and masculine mountain views,
I will remember every colour, every sacred hue,…
And every Light of you.

Living fleshed out Sea-side adventures
Intoxicating and all a-new
Running uphill, trailing cliffs with chosen dreams coming true.
Sharing bubble baths in the vintage pink bathroom
Singing a song, with more than a few
I will remember every bedroom ocean view.

It is the sea I take with me
It’s all in the sea.
Emotions rise and reach a crest and filigree
There is purpose in the living of ideas,
Concepts and dreams.

Fleshing out imaginations into Being.
It’s in the waves, in the sea, rising in Thee.
Breathing through the process, feeling through the journey
Those sacred moments better than the dream…
There will be.

I still have no agenda. No plan. No goal.
And all around are miracles I see.

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