Beauty Is Where You Discover It

I see Beauty
It impassions me.
I see Beauty
In the light of yellow leaves,
In the darkness of shadows…

I see the guiding light
In the blackness of dark.
For it is in the dark
That we see,
The flame within
More clearly.

There is Beauty
In raw truth.
In the purity
of natural energy.
I see beauty
in simplicity.
A clear sky.
Euphoric high.

In you and I in love.
In the dark of your eyes,
To the light of mine.
In us –
Look how Our paths intertwine!
I’m at home in the woods
The naked trees,
Inspiring me.
There is Beauty
In the matrix of complexity.
And our shared time
Of sparkle shine…

I see elegance in an elephant.
Celebration in Death.
Birth in a withered leaf,
Security in the mystery.

(Do you recognise it?
It is here, beside you)

Magic exists in the everyday
The unappreciated details,
Tiny, tedious, intricate ripples
creating provocative waves-
composing powerful tides…

Beauty surrounds you.
But you must make time
To take time.
To sense it satisfy.
To cleanse the middle eye.
And some may want to know,
But we all need to understand…

There is Love within our land.
The truth you seek
Is within reach.
I am moved by the nature of you
As I choose to use this heart.
For eyes deceive a few.
The soul is living art.
So paint in all your colours!
Wrap yourself in Sun.
Dance upon the Moon
And choose who is the one.
For the reality of love is a choice
One makes everyday.

I see extreme Beauty,
In your humble hands.
The learning of lands
And the light step you stroll
Between my realms.
In your crescent moon eyes
I discover surprise
In the well of Admiration.

For it is in Earthly beauty,
I find Divine fascination.

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