It came organic and true
the day
By the river I met you.

You were want to sail this boat
That came our way
A cruach made of feathers,
Blood and clay.

So we sailed after some
Persuasion + genuine desire
Towards and out to sea

And life was but a dream,
Merrily, merrily downstream…

You saved me and shared dreams
for near 3 years.
Then storms blew and
Winds raged,
I fell into the ocean
Almost drowning.
Still, we looked around for each other
Pulling the other up from above
Our battered, tattered life raft,
And swam, dragging
The load to shore.

For life is a dream
we may be flowing downstream,
and although we have abandoned the boat
I want you to know
You were my life sail
You were my world.
I will always smile and send you love
In all directions you sail.

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