Tips for Beginning Meditation

Meditation is a NON-DOING experience! You cannot get it wrong!

There are no rules, no dogma, and no expectations….Simply You BEING You.

Begin by focusing upon your breathing. Allow any thoughts to drift on by, like clouds…

Do not attach to any thoughts.

Allow yourself to fully rest and relax.

Allow your consciousness to rest on the flow of your breath- In and Out, like waves of the ocean.

15 minutes a day is a good place to start. Over time, building to 15 minutes in the morning, upon awakening is ideal. And if you like, another 10-15 minutes upon bedtime. Meditation is not used to escape life. Life is for living! Meditation is a natural state, way of being- that absolutely enhances your experiences and raises your Vibration. Re-Connecting to your Higher Consciousness provides a Sacred Space for you to communicate with your Angels and your Source. It is important to FEEL your connection to Spirit every day. You are an extension of Spirit after all! Ensure you are well-hydrated, comfortable and warm. When you are a beginner, keep it simple…flow with your breath, in and out, enjoying the rhythm… Meditation has been shown to dramatically improve Health, reducing stress-levels and regulating hormones.

In time, this practice becomes an organic part of your every day Well-being. When you meditate daily, you will see the abundant benefits growing in your life. you have so much more vitality, feel more energetic!…, and you’re confidence and inner peace shines inside out, into the world.

Begin with 15 minutes.

And you may balance and shift your life…

Enjoy the beauty of Being your Authentic Higher Self!

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