2016 Themes: Acceleration & the Integration of Ego

2016 is the year of positive Integrative practice. By this I mean it is the time to walk the walk and talk the talk of your Higher, Expanded Self. I have shared the lead up to this energetic landmark with my students and clients, especially since September 2015 (when the threshold of the 5th Dimensional Shift really heated up) and now here we are, in the effervescent, exciting now. Grounded and rooted in the 5​Dimension, our time has come to be brave and BE,… Breathe and Belong where our Heart’s lead us… The new Vibrations of 5​Dimensional Time/Space take no excuses or procrastinations. What you want, wants you and is time to leap into that reality with courage and conviction!

2016 Themes are: Action, Trust, Acceleration, Your Energetic state taking root (whatever state you have chosen to be­so choose wisely), Direct Experience, Spirit fleshed out (on the Physical), Doing from Desire (not ego/inertia), Creating Heaven on Earth plane/ physical reality (deriving sustenance and satisfaction from your passions), Integration of egoic perspective/ego mind through integrative living, Heart over head, stretching out societal limitations of Spirituality and physical limitations, Super­Sensitives coming to the forefront, Year of the Inner Child or as Síoga says the “Healing of Innocence”.

A major theme this year, especially the first half is Soul/Body Integration. In 5D words hold little gravitas. Your chosen energetic state of every day living will take root now and become your life’s tone. If you have been waiting for life or someone else to come along and fill in your empty space, you may want to get your Soul skates on! The Universe is responding and speaking to us as Masters now. We must reflect this Honour and behave in thus fashion. During Autumn (September 2016 onwards) of this year, a potent Cosmic shift will occur , even more profound than 2015. Spirit says “All you know will change”. So let us make the most of the first half of the year by working with the energy flow, not against. Integrating the ego does not mean rejecting or chastising it. “What you resist persists.” Give up your pushing against. It is a futile left­over from the 3rd Dimension. Integration means healing, embracing and then neutralising the vibrations of our inner fears and negative definitions of ourselves. We take on the ego in physical form, not so we can destroy or detach from it, but so we can see all facets of free will and choose to synergise with the truth. And all that is truly true, is Love.

This requires TRUST. Trust and loving ALL that is revealed in life ­ every tantrum, every tear, every frustration. It is ALL valid and worthy of your presence and attention. The ego, like a neglected child, simply is the part of you that strayed from Source and is longing to be found and embraced. You cannot and will not “overcome” the ego. It has to be, and wants to be, Loved. The truth is that simple, yet in practice we often try to complicate this powerful and profound experience. Sometimes the simplest of acts are the most feared, often because the shadow self fears shifts in Consciousness and significant change. The ego mind likes habitual rituals and what is familiar. You return to negative mind chatter not because it is empirically true, because it is familiar. There is momentum in your negativity. That’s all. A habit of thought. Whatever you are feeling this moment, Breathe it, hold it, Love it. Allow it to surface and rise up put of your Aura… Then choose to fill the space with whatever feels good and nurturing. I can help you with this potent Healing technique if you wish. Do this, every day and you will witness miracles unfurl in your life…

Flowers and a blue sky on a hot day

January 2016 is the time to question your beliefs. Our concepts of reality seem so stone­set that we rarely examine or reflect into their core to see if they are actually of any benefit. What is the point of carrying, even harboring a belief if it doesn’t bring you joy, belonging and a preferred experience of now??? And a belief is simply a thought you keep repeating, over and over until your sub­conscious accepts it as “true”. Just because something is “true” does not mean you have to expand or buy into it. All realities are fluid and changeable. Your free­Will gives you the choice to choose what reality you feed. January is the time to discard limitations in your conscious thinking and choose liberating beliefs instead. Mercury is retrograde so the Cosmos is asking us to go back into the past, Re­examine situations, Relationships and circumstances we feel trapped in. When Mercury is retrograde it is always a time to re­do, re­think, re­move all aspects of our living conditions and sitautions.

What is drained of juice in your life? What friendships, jobs, relationships, locations are boring you because they simply lack passion or are dried up to death for you? What relationships are you staying in due to “loyalty” or history? If someone or something in the now is not life­giving and satisfying, why are you staying stuck in a dead wood experience? February will ask action on your behalf. Time to Spring­clean the people in your life, as well as your closets and cupboards. Use the Cosmic tones of January 2016 to write down all the desires you claim for the year. This month will be a time for ample rest, reflection and Meditation. Make clear written requests to the Universe for what you will take action on in February and March. The Spring will ask you to move and shake into your preferred lifestyle. January is the end of Hibernation and the gathering of fresh energy to be channelled into Spring.

Eat well. January 2016 is all about grounding the desired energy. Stock up on Foods that support and reflect positive vibrations of Health and vitality. The nourishing choices you make now will be expended and appreciated in the coming Spring activities! Black Rice, Goji Berries, Acai fruit, Kidney beans, Sweet Potatoes, Figs, Pot Barley, lentils, organic Bananas, Wholemeal Rye/ Millet breads, Aduki Beans, Vegetable casseroles, Miso soup, oatcakes, Buckwheat spaghetti, Butternut Squash and Parsnip for grounding, Cinnamon, Turmeric root, Fresh Ginger, and spices to get the blood swirling will add zest to your body and consciousness. Cook and enjoy foods that uplift your mood and encourage serotonin uplift throughout Winter. Baby potatoes, sweet potato soups, Winter vegetables like Pumpkin, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Kale and Bananas are great for comfort and make delicious Winter hotpots. Good healthy, hearty sources of Whole­food Carbohydrates lift your brainpower and increase happy mood. January is about the heart­ comforting, healthy warming foods and nourishing choices.

Walk. Cycle. Stretch… Meditate on what your Heart is singing into life. Get clear and focused this January because this year is asking you to step forward and become what you have been promising your Soul in Spirit. The last few years since the 2012 shift gave us time to figure out what Soul speed, desire and life experiences we wanted. 2016 leaves no room for lazy consciousness or procrastination. The time is now. Once February begins the Universe will be spinning under our feet like never before…, and we will have to take forward motion steps to keep up with our expanded Higher Selves.

The cause of all your malaise, resistance and contrast can be traced back to your Alignment. By now, thus far on our Spiritual journey, we know that we are All­Always­Connected to Source (some call it God / Home/ our Origins). That beautiful bond is ever­present and omnipotent. It is simply that at times, when challenged by our beliefs and limiting definitions, it APPEARS disconnected, cut off. Such severance to Source is impossible. No matter where you are right now, or how deep in the dark it feels, you are ALWAYS in full access and ARE absolutely connected to the Divine. The Universe stands around you, flows inside you, and like a strong, faithful Mother/Father, believes in your expansion and inner power. The Angels/ the Love Energies are simply awaiting YOU to realise this within yourself.

It cannot be an intellectual knowing. It cannot be a physical, egoic mind “understanding”. The Universe doesn’t care what you think you “know”. The Universe is responding to how you FEEL! Source is a neutral, profound Energy and you extend from this Resonance. So the Universe, the Holographic reality you translate all around you, is responding to your frequency. And you are always emanating a vibrational tone or frequency. January is the moment to reach out, have a Healing Session, go and meditate in nature, clear your thoughts for fresh, Spring Vibrations on their merry way… The empty space you create and have carved out on your path is ready for your fulfilment. What inspired actions are calling for change and expansion in your now?

And so It Is.

Peace and Light!

Aoibheann and The Angels

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