Black Moon Energy Awareness: September & October Update

A Black Moon blesses us on the 30th of September this year. This Moon’s bountiful blessing will be an absolute breakthrough in a stagnant area of your life. The first stifling rut to spring to mind is most likely the area this breakthrough will occur for you. The 4 -6 weeks following this Black Moon will open you to opportunity and possibilities that dissolve old habitual ways of being in your world….Think of this Moon as a transformative Goddess, coming into your energy to shift your limited perspective. A specific desire you have been harbouring for months or even years is about to transpire on or after this Black Moon.

For some this cosmic event will encourage a return to an old dream, a long ago passion that has been bubbling beneath your insecurities. You may feel magnetised to explore what was once a positive fixture in your life, but have recently forgotten. For others this Black Moon promises a complete change of environment and lifestyle, a long over-due life haul. Be open to new healthy habits and unsolicited advice! It will aid you to create an open view of new experiences, especially the ones that stimulate and terrify you… Yes, this Moon Goddess on the 30th asks us to be bold and brave as we approach the Harvests aperture. Spirit assures me the fruits of our active participation in the new will be ripe and sweet. Expect feelings of peace, confidence and clarity to soothe your system once the challenges have been approached face forward.

There is a satisfying assurance when we interact with life’s opportunities. When we know we are fully in the moment, honest with ourselves and being an open, neutral channel, the life force or Chi can flow with ease in our bodies and experiences. September 2016 was a plethora of “Inner Child” work and expression. The Black Moon is the cumulation of the seeds of Summer’s sowing and dreaming. Whatever rituals, actions and conscious planting of seeds you have sown, will bear fruit in the coming days after the 30th. Your “Inner Child” or Higher Self must be allowed a full voice inside you and in the choices of your life! When we ignore our inner child’s Guidance and expression, we suffer. September was all about giving your Innocence full power. The Inner Child wants to lead your life to the full expression of joy, kindness and Creation! When we halt our dreaming, our pursuit of what excites and delights us, we are ignoring and neglecting our Inner/ Higher Innocent Self. Let us celebrate this beautiful Black Moon as the new beginning into the mystery of our Divine nature and the dark, mysterious half of the year.

Black Moon Blessings to you!

Aoibheann Doyle – Shaman, Meditation Teacher, Source Channel, Health & Fitness Trainer

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