November & December Insights


The current concentration of new Earth energies are palpable. As a collective we are choosing between the heart and head. The old paradigm was run by the aggressive, dysfunctional Masculine. 3D earth which ended in 2012 & is presently complete, was fuelled by illusion and imbalance. Being a High Sensitive in that Dimensional reality was tough on our heart space. Finally, a few years through the birthing of 5D Gaia, I can sincerely say we can all breath a deep breath into our heart space and feel the freedom within. The Sacred Feminine is pouring through and balance is being restored. Remember who you are as a whole energetic being! We need now to embrace both the masculine and feminine aspects within and without to create peaceful vibrations. Your emotions are your magnetic currency to create your art and dreams! Humans have been at war with the emotional body for eons. The influx of the Sacred Feminine is restoring harmony. You must become highly attuned to your emotions if you want to create a magnificent life! Your emotions, your feelings are your map, your compass. If you want to know direction, if you want to be a Master of creating, you must tune in to your feelings. Your feelings, your Intuition is the God-force flowing through you. The world is waking up to the power of emotional wisdom. We can see this reflected in the collective consciousness in the presidential debates in the U.S.A. People can feel the imbalance of what is being offered. The lesson is highlighting the old paradigm of dysfunctional, aggressive Masculine and dysfunctional passive-aggressive, dismissive Feminine. These concepts don’t belong in our new way of being in 5D. However, due to momentum, these old structures are simply playing out. The key here is transparency. At lease the world can see the whole truth of the old dysfunction. Change occurs sometimes slowly, but steadily as we see through the illusions of old. Expect revolution in due course.

I have been working professionally as an Intuitive Healer and Shaman for almost 16 years. Of course my Intuitive abilities and energetic awareness has been with me all my life, but at times it felt heavy. I meet many High Sensitives who have struggle in their daily lives regularly. However, I am observing this pattern change… Having multi-sensory perception and energetic awareness can be distracting and sometimes isolating for some. I realised recently it has been an ever expanding journey of appreciation, frustration, growth and passion that has helped me arrive where I am at present. I feel Content. Joyful. I have learned the skill of choosing happiness and peace consistently. I feel full of enthusiasm for the path ahead. November 2016 fleshes out this theme. I’ve come to see how much I love being a Healer, a Shaman, a Meditation and Spiritual Teacher. I have always enjoyed my work but there were times it drained or pained me. I tried many times to walk away from my Healing work but the Universe always called me back to service. I know I will always “be” this work. I will always breathe these truths and expand my Consciousness into joy. I feel the victim mentality of many Light-Workers shifting to be replaced with confidence and empowerment. The 3rd Dimensional Healer perspective of suffering to save is finally clearing from the collective consciousness. Our Spiritual work is to be celebrated! Our daily practises of Meditation and inner reflection is best embraced. I no longer view my Sensitivity as a delicate aspect of my self to be minded, but as a natural talent to be used and explored and of service to the world.


Have you noticed how fast manifestation is occurring now? A few years ago, I Channelled that the vibratory energies were continuously speeding up and that by Autumn 2016 the manifestation process would have accelerated some what. What this means for you is you must keep your focus on track! Sloppy focus means less results. The good news is that as we accelerate to match and resonate with 5D, our magnetic skills are improving every day. I am manifesting like magic right now. It is so much fun and I am learning fast because the energies are so dynamic!

I sense a completion of fear-based choices for many Intuitives. Fear of being authentic/inauthentic; fear of being “seen” in all our vulnerability and truth; fear of being branded just another crazy “psychic”; fear of being different or unaccepted. We are learning to transform our insecurities from the chrysalis out into the world as butterflies. There is a general feeling of deep, inner satisfaction when living our lives so intrinsically.

November continues this theme of Completion. There is a feeling of fullness and coming full circle. There is a wrapping up of an old phase of life. You will feel an influx of new energy for a new phase in your 5th Dimensional living. 3rd dimensional frequencies are playing out now…fizzling into neutral space. Space always encourages and invites new creative energies to emerge. November will be an extremely creative time. Relationships that operate in the old 3D patterns will not survive or thrive beyond December. The new dynamics of 5D reality cannot support those old structures. It is like trying to run old software in an updated modern computer. They do not correlate or resonate. The new updated energies require a new, leading edge approach.


Perfect timing will abound. You will observe synchronised events all around you. The clues will be clear and direct. The more you trust the current to move you, the more effective the outcome will be. The challenge will include an echo. An old echo from an old issue you thought long gone. It will show up as “ that old chestnut “ again! However, the difference this time around is your 5D vibrations increasing your awareness of how you handled it in the past and how you always wanted to be able to handle it better. Well this is your chance to live it from that expanded 5D perspective. You will handle it well now. You will be proud of your understanding and ability to integrate it this time around. And you feel complete in the process.


Demonstration will be desirable from your Higher Self. You will crave the practical experience of your dreams and desired reality, in real time. Your desire is going to become priority in your waking moments. You will pursue your passion regardless of external or conflicting conditions. There will be an increasing releasing of care for what others think and say. You liberate yourself from social bonds and rigid expectations. You will feel a reinforcement of being an example of your truth. Inspired action will flow and follow thought with ease. Feeling balanced, well and content will become your main focus.


My non- physical friends like to visit me at night. They always have come during the dark hours since my childhood. I learned to enjoy and value their visits over the years. We exchange so much wonderful Wisdom and love and information of infinite value. My night visions and downloads have increased and expanded in the lead up to Hallowe’en. I am sensing a moving / sound of motion on my right Chakra every single time I go to bed. I asked Síoga, my Angel Guide, what was the lovely washing sound I hear every night and she said it is the Angels opening and expanding my psychic Chakras even more. It was explained to me that the new frequencies are being adapted into everyone’s being in unique and expanded ways. Humans are literally evolving dramatically since September. As in our physical bodies are shifting to match our emotional & spiritual expansion. The chakras are being fine tuned in a way that has not been experienced or witnessed on Gaia in this timeline.

I often wake up mid dream and mid stream of intense communication with Spirit and in particular the Angel Guides of my current clients ( or whomever I was working directly with that day) with much deeper information and direction for them. At different times in my life I have woken up not knowing exactly which timeline or incarnation I am waking up in. There are a few moments of complete neutral, clear heightened Consciousness flooding my body as I try to recall who I am in this current incarnation. It is a clear, unpainted canvas. I have to think and ask who am I here again? I have spoken with clients who are reporting the same experiences and in much more regular intervals. I feel it is simply a transparency of Spiritual knowing and part of our Ascension is to be inside the truth of all of it. My dreams are often me stepping in and having a look at my other lives. We can access other incarnations if we desire it.

Throughout this Winter you may experience heightened psychic awareness at night. The tones in your ears will increase and your downloading will provide rich, deeper inner revelations. It is natural that our inner world, our Spiritual awareness expands throughout the dark of Winter. It is perfect time for shadow work, to explore all our deeper conscious beliefs and wisdom. Those of you who communicate with the extra- terrestrial beings will find your visitations more frequent. You will have a clear memory of what is being exchanged. Your creative output in November will be prolific. Your dreams will become richer and more poignant now. Listen! Your Angels, your Spirit Guides, your Higher Self has work for you. Clair- cognizance ( inner- knowing) is an energetic skill that is being opened more and more in all of us. The 5D life is about trusting the Self, the Soul’s wisdom over socialisation and external structures that serve an elitist system. The Souls being born now are absolute radicals who will change so much of what was familiar in 3D Earth. We are the path blazers for those who are coming. It is time to do your inner work diligently and with joy! Your integration of Soul lessons and resistance will create a fresh space for the young ones incarnating now to create a new life adventure. Complete what is ending. Synchronise with the opening opportunity. Demonstrate the reality you prefer. Our Autumn this year has been magically beautiful. Winter is coming.

Aoibheann Doyle, Shaman & Transformational Soul Coach

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