Mix-It-Up March: Energy Ascension Report

Core Themes for March/early April 2016 are:

Exposure, True-Self Being Revealed, Giving Up Control Issues, Surrender, Challenges In Consistency, Breaking Up And Dissolving Of Stagnating Futile Patterns, Playing/Feeling Out Old Emotional Stories, Dissolving Dense 3rd Dimension Feelings, Transparency, Truth, Embracing The Shadow-Self (Dark, Yin) As Well As The Light, Choosing A Neutral State Of Being To Bring Balance And Wholeness, Neutral Consciousness & Fresh Focus.

“Mix it up March” is how we will begin next month, as Source invites us to face our fears and run with the fresh Spring wind of 2016. We are being challenged to mix-up our usual, mundane routine and break stagnating patterns of resistance and sluggish thought. Forget the tried and tested route you always take- March is all about new choices, new roads, new friends, new relationships and new work opportunities. New Home and Lifestyle will be a prominent player now. The old 3rd dimensional ways of seeing your life, your options and others will be stretched way out before you, revealing the cracks in your beliefs and unseen options ahead… The end of February will fatigue many of us Empaths and Super-Sensitives (My own name for us High Sensitive Beings) out, so we are literally not able to continue as before. The old energy is being used up completely to create space in our Auric fields for the fresh 5th Dimensional Frequencies. These new frequencies may take some adjusting and acclimatising, as they have not been integrated into Human DNA before… We are shape-shifting and stretching beyond what has been experienced on the new planet Earth.

Swirling colours

You may find your body and consciousness not matching up. You may be thinking and felling a certain vibration, yet your physical body is expressing itself in a different way… Your mood/frequency will swing between Love and Fear as your Consciousness explores all available avenues of being before settling into your chosen energy. Many feel a grief, a misplaced sadness out of what seems the oblivion, as your Aura clears out the old denser patterns and emotional stories of the old Earth paradigm. These heavy energies may confuse you and create feelings of temporary disorientation, but will settle and shift into a comfortable state once a new Higher Vibration is chosen and implemented. Implementation requires inspired action and consistency of allowing the space to simply BE in our energy. Don’t try to fill up the new space with outer “stuff”, be it empty sex, junk food or social media overdose. Everything you put into your body and into your mind should be of a high vibrational energy, especially this Spring/early Summer, as you are literally creating and choosing your new way of being in the 5th Dimension. The choices you make now, will stick.

Exposing our Shadow-Self will be a strong theme from now on, in 2016. The human collective is having to “sweat out” the darker, denser side. By allowing The Light shine upon our inner shadows, we see that the perceived dark cloud was just an illusion of the inferior Egoic self after all. March is all about cutting through illusions of fear and creating clarity through our actions and decisions. We can see this already in our economic, political and social world, as transparency of intentions is being revealed to all. Old paradigms in banking, politics and authority are dissolving publicly and we must allow what is fear-based to disintegrate. The new World of Gaia is an Integrated society that is free to create new structures and systems outside of out-dated, Hierarchical conventions.

Pen to paper writing will have extra power in March and April. Every night write out what you want to focus on the following day. Ask Spirit, through writing, to help you with specific areas of your current experience. Writing, expressing yourself through poetry, typing out a book, publishing, creative expression of all kinds are encouraged and will be supported by Spirit very strongly in March and April. Also going through old diaries, old writings and perhaps burning and letting go of the old thoughts on paper will be a Spring ritual attended by Spirit and celebrated, as you make a clearing for new creative living by releasing your old 3D life stories.

Transparency in your friendships, your family ties and significant relationships will be a major theme throughout the year. The New Earth is more directed in the position of The Light, thus false and dark intentions are being revealed and exposed daily. Insecurity, Power displays, opinionated dynamics and worn-out relating will be clearly seen and felt. Autumn 2016 will change everything so take this first half of the year to find your balance in these new frequencies and allow new growth to take root. Be open to new ways of living, new ways of eating, new types of Relationship dynamics in your present. If your family and friends are not respecting you and treating you as you like, turn your attention to those who do treat you well. Go out into the world and find people who do! Circulation of the new is a Force at work in our inner/outer lives. If you always do what you always did, you will keep getting what you always got! Change, Circulation of new ideas and courageous action is the expansive way into a refreshing Spring Experience.

Daffodil Dawn and Goddess Brigid Blessings,

Aoibheann and Source

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