Super Blood Blue Moon!

SEX, SOCIALISATION & POWER: 2018 Ascension Update & The January Blood Blue Moon.

The Super Blood Blue Moon on January 31st 2018, brings completion and a significant ending… Expect this exciting and poignant Eclipse to gift you with a pending death of old. With the completion expect a glorious surprise! This moon will shock and reveal what is true. For specific themes pertinent to you on this major moon eclipse, return to the end of August 2017 and the eclipse at that time. What experiences were percolating within you at last Summer’s end? Lessons of sex, love, childhood, socialisation, sexual violence, self-slavery, deception, physical/emotional starvation are just some of the energetic vibrations being investigated and exposed. Power and its human use, personally and collectively is a current global lesson. How you engage with your own power is appropriate for this eclipse season. Whatever extreme observations and deep emotions you explored throughout September, after August’s intense eclipse, will be reflected and completed shortly. The slow, dreamy vibration of January is ending, and life will rev up in February 2018.

The moon’s movement asks you to be frank about your sexual power and how you use it in your everyday life. How do we, as a society abuse power and sexual identity and why is this considered acceptable? In the 5th Paradigm, it is time to restore value to the inner power and beauty of the heart and heart expansion. Ascension asks that we give our heart’s eyes to see, to feel, to breathe… Understanding that vibration is the blueprint of all experience, how can we heal our emotional body first and then extend that love and balance into the physical? This super moon will bring out your emotions and increase your expression. Shallow, superfluous relations will disappear. Clinging to security and playing safe will only waste life force and tire you out. Work, jobs, relationships and friendships that lack substance and soul progress will die. Old, stale routines will not sustain you. If you are abusing your sexual energy, how can you make changes to respect and love yourself now? Reflect upon the lower impact of shame on your physical and sexual expression of self. Are you a shame-slave? Shame is a man-made, unnatural frequency designed to control. Have you integrated your sexuality into your spiritual life and are your sexual needs being nourished? Are you attention/affection starved? Decide to express your needs internally (with Spirit) and take action towards meeting those needs by reaching out. Meditate and scan the lower chakras for signs of integration and 5th dimensional shifts in your system. As channelled before, our charkas and energy bodies are radically changing. We, as a species are new beings.

The eclipse overrides all coping tools that enslaved and restricted your soul’s expansion. Relying on outer, conditional validations and temporary band-aids are obsolete at this juncture. Your decision is nigh. Do however wait until the eclipse energy is settled before taking direct action. Allow the truth to show up and reveal your truth first. Then feel free to move forward with your plans. What dice will you choose to roll next? Spirit suggests you gather in community of some kind to complete ritual in celebration of the shift this super Moon gifts us.

Super Moon Blue Sensitive Blessings!

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