Transforming Through It: Pisces New Moon

Themes around 16th/17th March to prepare for:

Boundaries & recurring power dynamics, Physical & psychological health, Tradition versus Alternative, Power over force, Stimulants & Addictive behaviors, Trust and Faith.

You are given the Soulful opportunity on and around the 17th of March, to transform and move through a lifelong challenge. This golden gift asks you to be brave and forthright in navigating through the limited dark into puissant light. It requires complete commitment, courage and faith in what is as yet, unseen.

Chiron bathes you in our inner sea of emotional release. We ask you, as your Angelic family in Spirit to engage fully with all your emotions, especially around this time of change. This new moon begins within yourself, a whole new cycle of being in your world. Allow the old program to complete now. It does not fit your 5th Dimensional life. We ask you to allow your body time to catch up with the rich, deep, inner upgrades in your DNA. If you have been feeling particularly tired and overwhelmed of late, rest in the knowing that Ascension is a process that can be taxing on your human self. Compassion to your body, all your bodies- emotional, spiritual too, need time and kind patience to adjust to the thresholds you as a collective are crossing. Add to that your individual integration at this tender time, and you can understand any pains or aches being presented in your physical.

Patience combined with absolute Faith will bring you home now. This new moon in Pisces requires a balance of being your organic self. That is, expressing extremely clear boundaries when needed. Others may test your power and limits around this time. First, be very clear within yourself what you want. Then you can express and live within the vibration of those clear spaces, which will be felt all around you, by colleagues, friends and family. You are in charge of border control in your life. Old worn out programs may surface to challenge your grasp on boundaries now. Ground, breathe and be clear. The throat chakra is cleansing and upgrading dramatically around March 17th. Self-care is advised of your physical body. Extra sleep and nourishment is encouraged. Gentle intermittent fasting can be helpful around these energetic shifts too.

Time, your wise investment in how you “be” here and now is crucial in how the rest of your 2018 unfolds… Are you valuing your time and whom you choose to invest it with? Are you clear about boundaries and using discernment in where you spend your golden “time”? Your work, your play-time, your relationships are all investments and artistic creations that create the landscape of your life. All your memories and chosen experiences are gathered in the Akash (Akashic Records) to contribute to The Source. What are you contributing to the joyful memories of not only your own life, but the entire whole?

There is no pending happiness looming. You are in it, now, presently. You are here. Soak up the magic of the moment! Take this new moon as an opportunity to swoon with the soul changes and wash out the hurt that alluded you. Stand strong and tall in being all you have transformed into being. Enjoy being the Master of joy you have become! Do not limit yourself being a thinker…over – thinking is a disease of your planet. Be a feeler, a BE-ing feeling ALL of it! This new moon gifts you a miracle of transformation if you embrace the whole Soul Self and move through the challenge presented. Do not entertain low thoughts of what others think about you. What they think and feel in judgement of your transformation is not your concern! You know how to navigate towards your desire. You have all the tools within now. Conventional ways of living and following the linear will not work in the 5th dimension. This issue wants to be healed and cleared completely now. Move through it. Dance into The Truth of Light of your Authentic Self!

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