Winter Solstice & the Emerging Butterfly

December 2017 Themes:

Free Will

With Mercury retrograde, December is a wise time to re-create. Use your “Free Will” to re-negotiate soul agreements. This December is about cleaning up “house”. That is, the inner and outer house of your Consciousness, your reality. If you are not enjoying your agreed upon present, then re-negotiate your soul decisions with Prime Creator. Create the blueprint with emotional thought of a better experience. Remember to access and use “Free Will” to choose health, support, and better life conditions. If you become unwell, declare your free will to choose well-being instead. When faced in a crisis we often forget we have the power to re-create and begin again. You are your YOUniverse! You have the right to choose again what your heart and soul wants. The lower energies want us to forget we have complete power and free will to choose what we engage with. By remembering daily and re-creating what feels right, we increase our vibratory output and attract higher assistance.

Slow down

Mercury is Retrograde. If you refuse to rest up and revise, this Retrograde will do it for you! Go with the flow of inner reflection in December. Rest your heart and mind but drive carefully!!! Presence and internal awareness is important. Take time to be alone, lighten your load. Let go of expectations and external pressures. Recuperate. 2017 was intense, expanding and full of unanticipated surprises… Integrate now in preparation for the exuberant never-before felt frequencies of 2018. Replenish your soul and body now for action in the new energies that are coming. Slumber is encouraged.


Connect with the lost Souls you wish to communicate with in December. The ones you lost along the way. Those you love deeply but are afraid or anxious about reaching out to. Speak from the Soul this time. Now is perfect. Connect!

Winter Solstice December 21st

December through January is intuition time. Soul, Internal creativity is abundant meaning your imagination will be fertile with new visions of your future self. Use your imagination to create new opportunities, new income, new relationships that please your heart’s hunger. The Christ- Light will pour deeper into the Earth’s cells in a powerful ascendance on the 21st, Winter Solstice. Celebrate the emerging Christ-Light with those you love and light a candle to mark the moment of a new time of being, for your self and all beings across the Cosmos.

January 2018

2018 is an 11 year. 11 is the symbol of the Angelic frequency, the Seekers, the Light-Bringers. It is imperative that you start January 2018 with the vibration you desire to continue forward in. Begin as you mean to ascend. Choose the frequency you most want to “be” in from now on. Your time of shifting between the 3rd and 5th Dimensions is nigh. Continue to discover and explore, yes. Always. However, by December’s end, it is vital you shed the old skin and awaken to the new sound of the 11 frequencies. Your preparation time is now. January will call for physical expression of those soul desires. 2016 was the caterpillar stage, 2017- the cocoon. 2018- is the butterfly! Unfold your dusty wings. For it will soon be time to fly!

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