The Delicious Divine Masculine

I begin April 2017 singing through my High heart and Thymus. For years I have asked the Great Cosmic mother to bless me with the confidence and opportunity to sing and share my soul and now at 35, I feel the gateway clear for my soul to sing and shine. One must be grounded to sing from the depths. Being grounded is the theme of the Sensitive. Recently so many people are complaining of being so outer body. Feeling spacey, unclear, foggy are all signs you need to get bare foot on the Earth, centre and ground. Take a a walk barefoot on the beach or in a forest. Connect. This will aid your manifestations too. Dreams flesh out in the physical when they are planted, in the ground. It always happens when we ease off the intense asking,…the wishing, and wanting. When we let go and get grounded, living in the present, that is when the desire comes. It always comes naturally, as though it was was always expected. Almost subtle, and logically, pragmatic in perfect time.

April 2017 brings home the Equinox energies inner workings. The 20th March gateway flooded us with unfinished business and new frequencies for assimilation. The first half of April requires we complete these old programmes and re-boot for May. I can see and feel the Divine Masculine stirring within and without. This energy encourages us to embody the Action Principle in our lives. Being a clear conduit for the new waves will help you immensely this Spring. The themes and challenges of accepting the physical bodily changes will play out through May. Make peace with where you are and how you look in this very moment. Allow space in your Aura for changes to occur. The sensations and symptoms of activation are to be embraced for a smoother passage. The Divine Masculine also stimulates Kundalini, sacred sexual frequencies in our DNA, so expect a rejuvenated libido in the 3 months ahead! Any temptations to be seduced or start a very primal- charged love affair are increased as we feel our body talk to us in a more direct fashion. The Masculine Vibrations are very to the point. What you see is what you get. No mystery here. You may embody this in your attitude to every day tasks now. This allows the excess energies to be utilised in very practical ways to upgrade and improve your living conditions this Summer.. Extra sleep, rich foods high in healthy fats and rest are your tools to survive the challenges. Don’t panic with the symptoms of transformation. It is getting easier by mid/ late April. May will be a blast! Expect Clarity of consciousness and celebrations of integration.

We will never really get this work absolutely done. It may appear so from time to time. We simply continue to ascend higher in fields of consciousness. Evolution is eternal. So enjoy this present moment and relax. We are all shifting at different speeds and levels of thought. The Soul and cellular changes move through the Etheric, Plasma, Christaline, and Light-body. So depending on how much Spiritual shifts you have ascended, you continue until all layers of your bodies are operating in the 5th Dimensional reality. And so on it goes… And for most of us Super-Sensitives, we are already well on our way!

Spring Blessings,

Aoibheann Energy Therapist & Soul coach

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