Life Bruises

O’ how I wish my eyes were larger
So I could see with full moon vision
All the hope all around
Simply waiting to be found.

And now I wish that you could feel this,
My aura, ever afters
Till it makes your spirit menthol
Our thoughts to silver streams…
And Im not swearing anymore
Cos broken promises leave scarlet stains.
(I guess you’ve no idea)

Am I just wishing my heart away?
Pressing the bruises Life leaves.
Your snug wrapped well in cotton wool.
I stripped mine away
A long time ago.

Isis swears there only karma cuts
Youth’s fissures that prove
A true life lived.
Every bruise shows a map,
A story,
Of the passion, pain and glory.
Still I wish to never give away
What I don’t have myself today.

For how can I be lost or sad
For what I never felt or had.

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