As Clear As Crystal: Rose Quartz

Crystal of the month: Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the crystal of love, romance and true beauty! It manifests as pale pink to a light rosy red in appearance and is very connected to the heart and heart matters. The healing properties of Rose Quartz are many, including self-love and self-acceptance. Rose Quartz crystal opens the heart chakra and allows a deeper access to the well of love within. This stone is very healing for those who want more self-love and heart healing. I often recommend this crystal to clients who lack confidence and self-worth, as it is a gentle and effective stepping stone to improving overall self-esteem. It allows you to reach your inner sincere self, and to see your true beauty. It is also an excellent crystal for communicating with your spirit guides and the Angel realm.

If you want to improve your self- worth, self-confidence and uplift your heart’s energy, Rose Quartz can be worn around your neck, close to the heart chakra area. This will help empower your heart’s healing and vibration. This crystal is also traditionally associated with attracting romantic love and is used in many romance/love rituals to attract a romantic partner and inspire a new relationship. You can empower the stone with your intention to attract your soul mate partner and wear the stone as jewellery or carry it in your pocket or purse.

For those who desire to open themselves up to giving and receiving love, Rose Quartz is the perfect crystal. It soothes and heals negative and emotional issues, especially around relationships. It is a calming crystal. Emotional memories from childhood and feelings of neglect can also be gently cleansed with the heart-healing energies of Rose Quartz.

In ritual, Rose Quartz is a powerful and valuable tool to clarify the heart’s truest desires. It can help you to release and balance feelings of anger, fear and psychic upset.

When purchasing your Rose Quartz crystal, ensure you choose the stone that feels right for you. Allow your hand to drift over the stones and feel the crystal that “calls” or draws you towards its high vibration. There are many cheap and processed stones on the market now, and some crystals have lost their pure vibrating energy. It is important to hold the various stones in your left hand (the receiving hand of energy) and feel the different levels of vibrating energy within the different stones. You may feel that some of the stones have lost their vitality, while others have a high vibration for healing and communication. You may connect with one particular stone and know that this is the right crystal for you!

Various uses for Rose Quartz include : To attract Love and friendship, worn as a beautiful piece of jewellery, used by crystal Healers in energy work, worn close to the heart for healing matters of the heart, used in ritual for releasing grudges and unforgiveness, sleep with it under your pillow to increase self-esteem and self-love.

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