As Clear As Crystal: Amethyst

Amethyst is the crystal we are exploring this month.

Amethyst is considered the “Mother” of all healing stones. This is due to its broad spectrum of healing qualities, from headaches to addiction. The ancient Greeks believed that it protected them from the intoxication of alcohol, which is where this beautiful stone derives its name – “Amethystus”, which means “not drunken or intoxicated.”

It is a calming, soothing crystal, which relaxes an over-active mind and emotional imbalances. Amethyst is a powerful healer, which has purifying, pacifying and transitional properties. It can help raise our vibration to a higher place and clear away lower energies. I always include a chunk of Amethyst in all my Healing sessions, as it greatly relaxes and rejuvenates the client (Amethyst is wonderful for the nervous system). It helps the person become more receptive of the healing Universal flow that is present around us, at all times. It is especially helpful in clearing addictions and negative, habitual patterns of behaviour. Clients have reported very positive shifts in their energy through working with Amethyst.

As a Crystal Healer, I like to make Amethyst essence, by clearing the crystal in sea salted water, or leaving it in the sun. When cleared, I allow the Amethyst to sit in a healing bowl of water, outside in the sunlight. After several hours, I remove the crystal, blessing the essence and bottle the water in a glass container. I then place a drop of the Amethyst essence under my tongue for clarity, peace and healing.

Worn as jewellery, Amethyst reduces negative thoughts and alleviates anxiety. The ancient Native Americans understood the powerful energetic values of crystals and earth stones. They wore Turquoise, Amethyst and Smokey Quartz to enhance certain characteristics and induce psychic powers. They hand crafted beautiful jewellery to wear these stones close to their being. In elixir form (like the essence I mentioned above), they used Amethyst to cure digestive problems, skeletal discomforts such as Arthritis, and stomach ache.

People wear and work with Amethyst for balancing their blood sugar, to alleviate and heal heart problems (especially for healing a broken-heart, which if left unhealed can manifest into physical heart conditions), and for psychic protection.

Amethyst and the chakras

Amethyst aligns the spiritual/energetic body by bringing the chakras back into alignment. It especially connects with the 6th and 7th chakras, which are the energy wheels located between the brows- The Third eye (the middle eye) and just above the crown (your spiritual connection with Source). The purple colour of this crystal, which ranges from dark to light, also correlates to these charkas, Indigo for the Third Eye and Violet for the Crown. Its soothing qualities awaken and heighten these areas, which increases intuition, energy awareness and psychic development. The Third Eye is the area with which we see from our higher selves, our higher consciousness. It is the energy centre for our “second sight” or deeper awareness of how our lives are unfolding.

The crown chakra is the spiritual connection to the Divine, our Angels and Spirit Guides. Amethyst can help clarify this connection by clearing and empowering the 7th chakra and is a wonderful aide in meditation.

It is also beneficial in bringing understanding as we pass into new phases of our lives, especially in death and birth. I recommend sleeping with Amethyst under your pillow for a restful sleep and to ease anxieties and depression. It relieves our worrisome thoughts and transmutes lower energies of hopelessness into trust and understanding.

I always include Amethyst in my Healing Sessions, especially when there is a need to clear addictive behaviours and return the person’s Vibration back to its original frequency, before dependency. Amethyst reminds the body and vibration of health, Vitality and regenerates holes or cracks in the energy field.

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